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South Africa boasts what has been acclaimed as the most progressive constitution in the world, and yet faces many significant challenges as a country still in transition. As such, it provides a stimulating environment for anyone to learn more about human rights issues. Previous Cape Town human rights interns have had richly rewarding experiences in this field.

Cape Town human rights internships have included assisting case workers at refugee centers, researching gender-rights issues in relation to the ‘Millennium Development Goals’, and reporting on child labor issues. Other opportunities include advocating and involvement for human trafficking legislation both in South Africa and observing Parliamentary hearings. In fact, previous Connect-123 human rights program participants in Cape Town have had their research published.

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Austen Zoutewelle

Human Rights intern | Cape Town
University of Texas at Austin

My Human Rights internship in Cape Town was spent working at an organization that addresses violence against people with sexual and gender minority status in the Western Cape. I helped compile research that informed the organization's positions on relevant policy issues in Parliament.

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Sophia Nelson

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
Drexel University

Living and working abroad has taught me so many life skills and given me wonderful experiences I will never forget. I know I’m going to be back there soon!

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Maggie Crowell

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
Washington and Lee University

During my time in South Africa, I was fortunate enough to intern for a social justice organization, which helped me realize my passion for human rights issues. Connect-123 helped make this one of the best and most memorable summers of my life.

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Rupinda Gill

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
King's College London

The internship provided by Connect-123 at an NGO offered me challenges and experiences that I would never be exposed to if I would have undertaken an internship in Europe. I worked with some fantastic individuals who were all welcoming and made lifelong friendships with other Connectors!

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Maria Spano

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
King's College London

I would have never imagined how much I would have ended up getting involved in all of it: the country, the culture, the people and the issues regarding human rights. This involvement was also helped by the side activities organized by Connect-123.

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