Engineering Internships in Cape Town

Cape Town is ripe with engineering internship opportunities in a variety of settings including private firms, consultancy agencies, university research centers, and medical research institutes. For engineering students and professionals looking for exposure to environmental engineering there are opportunities in ecological design and architecture, along with technical work including hydrogeological, environmental, and contamination assessment. There are competitive electrical engineering positions involved in researching, tracking, and collecting data on radar technology systems. You could even intern as a mechanical engineer at a construction firm.

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Justin Lee

Engineering intern | Cape Town
Drexel University

My engineering internship has been nothing short of spectacular, and it has given me the buildings blocks to become a successful engineer in the future. I have been able to apply the important lessons and theory learned in engineering school to aid in multiple projects in the renewable energy industry in South Africa.

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Therese B

Engineering Intern | Cape Town
Cal Poly Pomona University, Graduate

This is coming from a person that, honestly, A) did not know what to expect, B) could not find work in a ‘troubling’ economy and C) graduated with a specialized degree.  I am also not much of a traveler (except for the awesome times I’ve had i...

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