Animal Science and Wildlife Internships in Cape Town

Cape Town is home to the world famous Table Mountain National Park as well as several nature reserves, and is surrounded by sea and mountains. Although opportunities to work with dangerous game are not common, there are many opportunities to get involved with wildlife conservation, animal rehabilitation and biodiversity management. Specific internship opportunities in Cape Town include working with cheetahs and learning and applying basic rehabilitation techniques at a local seabird rehabilitation center.

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Saachi Sadchatheeswarm

Marine Biology Intern | Cape Town
University of Toronto, Graduate

After four years in undergrad I realised that not only was I not ready for graduate school, but that I also had very little experience for a career in science, despite a double major in Zoology/Human Biology. Luckily I happened upon an internship at ...

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Thao Nguyen

Animal Science Intern | Cape Town
University of Florida

What can I say about my three months in Cape Town? It was absolutely one of the greatest experiences of my life! The people, culture, history, and atmosphere are just amazing! My internship allowed me to work closely with a local veterinarian and do ...

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Sydney Lidstone

University of South Florida | Cape Town
Animal Science Internship

I became an official Connect123 intern in September 2008. Little did I know, I was about to embark on one of the biggest adventures I have ever experienced! I heard about Connect-123 through my friend, Crystal Fisher, who had applied to...

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Nyasha Mvenge

Biology Internship | Cape Town
University of Manchester

I asked for a placement that involved research and lab work which was exactly what I got when I arrived. However, I’ve since also received training at a hospital which was my number one goal. So all in all I have gotten back far more than I had ori...

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Alyson Venti

Marine Sciences Internship | Cape Town
Amherst College

Connect-123 provides an incredible opportunity to gain a unique experience in a remarkable culture. Traveling as a tourist is limited by achieving only a surface knowledge of a country, whereby living and working there offers an insight into a countr...

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