Architecture Internships in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the world’s capitals of architecture and urbanism and home to many architectural styles such as Romanesque, Gothic and Modernism, Catalan’s Art Nouveau. Greatly influenced by Gaudi’s work spread throughout the city, Barcelona is a great blend of old historical architecture and modern developments. Internship opportunities exist in several traditional architecture firms and design agencies, as well as urban planning and design projects promoting environmental, economic, and social sustainability. With an architecture internship in Barcelona, you will experience first hand the city’s legendary architectural culture and gain invaluable professional experience.

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Upinder Bahra

Architecture Intern | Barcelona
Coventry University

Being involved in such a challenging and demanding industry in this vibrant city put me at a great advantage. On my first day, I was already working to produce architectural plans for a client. As I progressed, I soon had to prepare architectural drawings which I discussed with the team in our project meetings. An incredible hands-on experience, I was able to be part of the design process, working on the initial drawings, to seeing the actual construction of the projects during our site visits.

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Malyah Younis

Architecture intern | Barcelona
University of Huddersfield

If I had to describe my architecture internship in Barcelona with one word, it would be 'unbelievable'. I am so glad I chose Connect-123; they were extremely helpful with assisting me in finding housing in the heart of Barcelona, as well as introducing me other students on the program.

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Joyce Jamal

Architecture Intern | Barcelona
Lebanese American University

This will forever be a cherished learning and growing experience for me and I only have Connect-123 to thank for making it possible! I came back home with an unparalleled knowledge which will definitely assist my career and enrich my CV.

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Rana Mahmoud Samy

Architecture Intern | Barcelona
Lebanese University, Lebanon

For me, this was not just an internship program, it was a life experience. I had to grow on so many levels and i can already tell that now, I'm a changed person. The architecture internship was better than I expected, I was working with a team of passionate people.

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Fadzli Jani

Architecture Intern | Barcelona
National University of Singapore

Barcelona Internship Review: My experience with Connect-123 has been nothing less than spectacular! The application process was really easy and fast. Overall, I am really glad that I signed up for this! My term break has never been so productive yet enjoyable at the same time.

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