Environment and Sustainability Internships in Barcelona

Barcelona has worked hard to promote many local environmental initiatives in order to improve the living conditions of its citizens. These efforts explain the City Council’s implementation of several eco-friendly policies. Environmental internships in Barcelona include working in environmental engineering, urban planning, alternative energy, job creation and community development, climate change, and public policy.

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Marianna CU

Environmental Sustainability Intern | Barcelona
Michigan State University

this organization helped me learn about the Catalonia region and the importance of it. As well as learning about the natural spaces and the Catalan work culture and lifestyle.

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Breanna Lujan

Environmental Intern | Barcelona
Yale University

Knowing only that I wanted to pursue an internship in environmental sustainability in Barcelona, I turned to Connect-123 to make this goal possible. From the beginning of the internship placement process, Connect-123 was very perceptive and responsiv...

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