Business Internships in Barcelona

Barcelona is considered one of the top five business centers in Europe. With its privileged location, successful foreign investment, great living conditions, cooperation between public and private sectors and national and international human capital, Barcelona is the perfect city for business related internships.

Projects for business internships in Barcelona may include developing feasibility studies and financial modeling for new businesses, conducting market research and creating and implementing marketing strategies, participating in knowledge management projects for a strategic consulting firm, helping local firms improve operations and logistics, assessing the portfolio-at-risk for microfinance institutions and developing export strategies for Barcelona-based entrepreneurs.

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In addition to custom internship placements in Barcelona, Connect-123 runs an intense 4-week program in Cape Town to teach entrepreneurial thinking. Combining practical training with hands-on work experience with local entrepreneurs, the Innovation Experienceship is an entirely new way to learn some of the most important skills for the job market of tomorrow.

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Benjamin Medalie

Business Intern | Barcelona
University of Colorado at Boulder

I had the pleasure of living and working in Barcelona through Connect-123. It has truly been the experience of a lifetime. I interned at a property management software startup where I learned the ins and outs of what it takes to build, market, and maintain a growing business.

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Natalie Zahran

Business Intern | Barcelona
University of New Hampshire, Durham

I came across Connect-123 when I was researching internships abroad. I decided to look into the program and found out it was a perfect match for my time abroad. Not only was Connect-123 helpful in helping find an internship abroad but also with housing accommodations.

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Edith Muleiro

Business Intern | Barcelona
University of Texas Austin

My experience with Connect-123 in Barcelona was more incredible than anything I could have ever imagined. I had no expectations upon arriving in Barcelona, and soon found myself falling in love with this city and its people. Connect-123 made sure ...

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Nicholas Hadjimichael

Business Intern | Barcelona
University of Chicago

I took part in the Connect-123 Barcelona Internship Program for two months in order to have an immersive internship experience that would inform my career path, give me a true work experience, and allow me to practice my Spanish in a city that I love...

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Nina Brosman

Business Intern | Barcelona
California Polytechnic State University

Barcelona is your next trip! If it's not, change your travel plans immediately and get on a flight to Spain! Bursting with vibrant culture and nightlife as well as some of the kindest people in the world, Barcelona is the place to be....

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