Animal Science and Wildlife Internships in Buenos Aires

When you think of Argentina, what animals come to mind? Noisy Magellanic penguins, polo horses shining with sweat? If you’re keen to do more than observe the local wildlife as a tourist then let us explore options for animal science internships with you. Depending on your background and interests we may be able to facilitate an internship at an equestrian center or working alongside a veterinarian. Local nature reserves in Buenos Aires can offer animal and wildlife interns opportunities for field research focused on various plant and animal species or environmental education targeting school children or local communities.

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Krista Rodriguez

Animal Science Intern | Buenos Aires
Michigan State University

I had the opportunity to travel to Buenos Aires for my summer in 2016. I had experiences I would have never gotten as a tourist. It was amazing being able to really be a part of the Argentinian community, which is full of incredibly helpful and kind people.

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Levi Smith

Animal Science Intern | Buenos Aires
Ball State University

Buenos Aires. Mi querido. I do not even know where to begin. Interning in the tango capital of the world was the best experience I have had in my entire life. The people, the culture, the food, the excursions, the ease of life – i...

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