Animal Science and Wildlife Internships in Dublin

For those interested in working with animals and wildlife, Dublin has an unexpectedly rich biodiversity with a variety of ecosystems, including bird sanctuaries, beaches, and nature reserves. Those interns wishing to work with more exotic animals can work at Dublin’s educational zoo, the oldest in Europe. There are also opportunities for international interns to work with domestic animals with veterinarians, or with charities working with guide dogs or therapeutic riding for the disabled. Being on the coast, Dublin also offers the chance to get up close and personal with seals at a sanctuary, or work with whale and dolphin conservation.

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Emily Frascati

Animal Science intern | Dublin
College of San Mateo

I completed my summer internship in Dublin at an animal shelter. I chose to do this internship through Connect-123 because I wanted to have a relaxing summer before I started medical school. This particular internship placement had loads of options ranging from cuddling cats to sitting in on surgeries and observing.

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Malwina Motyl

Animal Science & Veterinary Intern | Dublin
European School of Luxemburg

I spent five fantastic weeks working with animals at my internship in Dublin. In the future I want to become a vet, therefore I wanted to spend my summer working with animals and gaining experience in animal behavior and veterinary medicine. Connect-123 found a perfect internship for me!

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Julian Douglass

Animal Science and Wildlife internship | Dublin
NOVA College

The work was varied, with me spending time working with dogs and cats, as well as working with several tour groups. It was rewarding and taught me more about working with animals. I had a great time, not only at work, but in Dublin proper. Thanks Connect-123!

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Miranda Davis

Animal Science Intern | Dublin
Mississippi State University

My summer internship with Connect-123 changed my life. I was able to work with several exotic wildlife species like Foxes, Pine Martins, Buzzards, Otters, Jackdaws, and several others. During my stay in Dublin I was able to forge lifelong friendships with other interns.

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Ariel Fowler

Veterinary Intern | Dublin
Skidmore College

Living in Ireland for the summer really helped me gain a lot of confidence, both professionally and personally. It was nice to be part of a program that gave me so much support while still encouraging me to be independent. I really appreciated the so...

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