Engineering Internships in Dublin

Opportunities for engineering internships in Dublin are broad and varied. Dublin has strong civil, structural and environmental engineering sectors. The world’s focus on sustainable solutions has led to advances in energy systems engineering in Dublin. Electrical engineering makes up one of the biggest industrial areas in Ireland and innovations in mechanical engineering are required to keep up with the manufacturing and service industries. Dublin’s growing pharmaceutical and medical sector accounts for advances in biotechnology along with chemical and biomedical engineering. Software engineering is another area of growth with Google recently choosing Dublin as their EU headquarters. Engineering students and professionals can gain international experience in Dublin by having an internship in their area of choice.

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Sijibomi Akinkugbe

AI / Engineering Intern | Dublin
Drexel University

Connect-123 played a huge role in providing a smooth transition into Irish culture and history. They put on multiple events each month, giving me the opportunity to bond with the other interns. These events brought a variety of people from different places around the world together, allowing me to connect with other cultures.

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Grace Judd

Chemical Engineering Intern | Dublin
Ohio University

Choosing to intern in a foreign country was a great experience for me. I was able to gain professional experience while having the unique opportunity of meeting people from various cultures and backgrounds.

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Maeve McDonald

Biomedical Engineering Intern | Dublin
Marquette University

Not only did I learn a lot from my work experience, but I had the best 2 months spent making friends and using every spare moment to explore Dublin city and the entire country of Ireland.

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Zachary Winters

Engineering Intern | Dublin
Arizona State University

All of the skills and experience gained throughout my internship this past summer were too numerous to count. The relationships gained and the experience as a whole will be something I never forget, and I am very thankful I was able to take part in such an amazing opportunity.

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Jake Kohler

Astrophysics Research Intern | Dublin
Colorado College

My coordinators kept me well-informed about what they needed from me, when a new offer came in, how to use the bus system, where to get groceries, etc. There was barely a moment of confusion during my internship experience.

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