Human Rights Internships in Buenos Aires

The days of the human rights abuses of Argentina’s Dirty War, when up to 30,000 people were ‘disappeared’ by the Argentinian government, are far behind us. However, judicial proceedings related to the events of this period are still continuing and remain the focus of many human rights organizations. Projects for Buenos Aires human rights interns range from on-the-ground training and support to conducting research. Buenos Aires interns may gain exposure to a range of other issues, including police brutality, judicial and political corruption, freedom of expression, human trafficking and campaigning for the rights of marginalized communities, indigenous populations, refugees, women, children and the homeless, for example. Buenos Aires human rights internship projects include a range of opportunities, from on-the-ground training and support to conducting research and working inside organizations.

Human rights interns have an array of opportunities available in the field, including international efforts and even assisting with gender advocacy campaigns. Additionally, human rights opportunities in Buenos Aires can include monitoring and evaluating community-based interventions, developing educational workshops for immigrants, observing Parliamentary hearings, promoting political transparency and carrying out human rights peer education training.

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Scott M

Human Rights Intern | Buenos Aires
Michigan State University

Connect-123 carefully linked my career interests and passions perfectly to align me with a fantastic internship opportunity that fits those interests.

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Danielle Anderson

Human Rights Intern | Buenos Aires
Vancouver Island University

I leave this experience knowing that we all have an important role to play in society when it comes to influencing the laws and policies that shape our communities. I cannot wait to take what I have learned back home to Canada with me and continue this amazing work!

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Sergio Demara

Human Rights Intern | Buenos Aires
Carleton College

I was so blessed to work in Buenos Aires at an impactful human rights NGO, completely organized by Connect-123. The experience is more than you could bargain for.This internship allowed me to breathe in experiences that have allowed me to grow and flourish for my next step in life.

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Emma Repp

Human Rights Intern | Buenos Aires
Michigan State University

My experience in Buenos Aires has been nothing short of incredible! Connect-123 set me up with a fantastic host family and a great internship at a non-profit, providing me with an experience that went far beyond that which I would have had simply as a tourist.

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Anthony Perez

Human Rights Intern | Buenos Aires
Drexel University

Ever since becoming a Global Studies major, I knew that I wanted to work for a non-profit organization outside of the United States. With the help of Connect-123, I got to do just that in the span of 3 months in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires.

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