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Barcelona’s City Council considers human rights to be an essential issue for any city, demonstrating that human rights is not only an important topic for central governments or international organizations to be involved with, but can also be promoted at the city level. Barcelona has proven itself to be an important hub of human rights and it is committed to the promotion and development of local human rights public policies. Human rights related internship opportunities may include research and advocacy on socioeconomic rights, researching gender-rights issues, reporting on child labor and human trafficking legislation and assisting with gender advocacy campaigns.

Further opportunities include monitoring and evaluating community based interventions, researching political rights, and carrying out human rights peer education training. Projects range from on-the-ground training and support to conducting research.

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Carolina Lubinus

Human Rights Intern | Barcelona
Georgetown University

My internship in Barcelona was absolutely incredible. I spent two months working for a small Human Rights NGO, where I was assigned to a project that allowed me to improve my research, analytical skills, and Spanish literacy skills. I managed to make so many new friends and have such amazing experiences in Barcelona!

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Maansi Dewani

Human Rights Intern | Barcelona
University of Cambridge, UK

My internship in Barcelona was one of the most interesting and innovating experiences of my life. Connect-123 was there to provide me with support and help me every step of the way.

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Melissa Allan

Human Rights Intern | Barcelona
University of Melbourne

Barcelona Internship Review: I am really glad I came across Connect-123. I did not have any requirements to satisfy for university courses but was looking to expand my horizons with work experience overseas. Connect-123 made the process comfortable and easy. They were very contactable and responsive.

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Nicholas Portales

Human Rights Intern | Barcelona
University of St Andrews

From start to finish, Connect-123 helped to make my internship more than enjoyable. I felt very comfortable throughout the entire process, and the placement process was smooth and controlled! I ended up finding two great internships to ...

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Tara Opalinski

Research Analyst Intern | Barcelona
Northeastern University

Barcelona is the place to be-between its people, tapas, countless outdoor plazas, beautiful scenery, beaches and nightlife-there is something for everyone. My decision to go live and work in Barcelona was last minute. I was offered two internships, b...

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