Social Work Internships in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is no stranger to the social challenges of many large cities today – high levels of urban migration contributes to the issues of homelessness, unemployment and drug abuse. Social work interns in Buenos Aires may find themselves working within disadvantaged members of Argentinian society – the homeless, refugees, migrants, people living with HIV, and the unemployed — to improve their social/economic situation and current living conditions. Projects include promoting sexual health and AIDS awareness among refugees, assisting patients with serious or chronic health issues, developing recreational workshops for the orphans and giving supportive classes to marginalized children. Your internship will stretch your social work skills in a new context, offering the possibility of incredible personal and professional growth.

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Chiyvonne Shennan

Social Work Intern | Buenos Aires
University of Salford Graduate

I was given the opportunity of a lifetime to intern in one of the most amazing cities I had ever been to, Buenos Aires, I have travelled extensively and have to say that BA is incredible and always something for everyone to do, it is rich with cultur...

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Michelle Cunningham

Social Work Intern | Buenos Aires
Emporia State University

From the moment Connect-123 called me, I knew I was going to go with them. The staff worked hard to find me an internship that would fit my preferences. I had 2 goals, to learn as much Spanish as possible and to intern in the field of neuropsychology...

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Karla Trevino

Social Work Intern | Buenos Aires
University of North Texas

After spending two months in Buenos Aires and with Connect-123, I am really happy with my time spent there. The city is full of life and there is always something new to do. Learning public transportation was a challenge of its own, but I am happy to...

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