Environment and Sustainability Internships in Dublin

Ireland is known as the ‘Emerald Isle’ and is working hard to sustain its green environment. Dublin is a diverse city with nature reserves, forests, and beaches and for those interested in the environment and sustainability there are internship opportunities in environmental conservation, biodiversity management, and the protection of fragile ecosystems. Dublin City Council has a vision to establish Dublin as an internationally recognized sustainable, dynamic, and resourceful city. One of the initiatives includes the development of ‘Greening Communities’ where government and the public sector work together to create communities supporting green living principles. Other areas of focus include water conservation and waste management. Opportunities for international interns in Dublin range from working for an energy efficiency agency, working for the city on sustainability analysis, in politics for the Green Party, and with nonprofits, business, and government focused on the environment.

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Sarah Treanor

Environmental Intern | Dublin
SUNY at Oneoneta

I completed my environmental and sustainability internship in Ireland at a Dublin-based creative studio and shop with a focus on the environment and healthcare design. For anyone thinking about doing an internship abroad, I can't recommend this program enough.

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Isaiah Sauvageau

Environmental research intern | Dublin
Drexel University

At my environmental research internship in Dublin, I contributed to a project that reduces agricultural wastes. I was even able to tour a site that converts wastes to energy. This experience helped me to grow into a more confident and independent person and exposed me to new people, ideas, and ways of life.

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Cisem Odabasi

Environment and Sustainability intern | Dublin
Kadir Has University

This was the best decision I ever made! My environment and sustainability internship in Dublin through Connect-123 was fantastic. My work environment was lovely, everyone was so nice. Irish people are friendly, which I think is important when you are far away from home. There are so many outdoor activities to enjoy!

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Lisa Bellmann

Environment and Education Intern | Dublin
Saarland University, Germany

Connect-123 was a huge help during the whole time. The application process was very easy and fast and everyone involved was really friendly. This really helped improving my English and was a very interesting way of gaining new skills in the field of education.

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Amanda Maxon

Environmental Science Intern | Dublin
Catholic University of the West, France

The internship with Connect-123 was a wonderful and life rewarding program. I emailed them with an initial inquiry and within a week I had all of my paperwork filled out. I am so glad I decided to participate in this program for Spring 2016 in Dublin. The internship allowed me to gain more experience outside of work, such as participating in an otter survey in which I was interviewed for a radio program, bird ringing, and other events such as seminars and school field trips

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