Medical and Health Care Internships in Dublin

Dublin has a wide range of healthcare opportunities for pre-medical students, as well as those interested in nursing, public health, rehabilitation, pharmacy, health services, and occupational and physical therapy. Medical interns have the opportunity to attend ward rounds on observations, and carry out relevant research, and assistance at hospitals including a women’s and children’s university hospital, a public rehabilitation hospital, and a mental health hospital. Hospital services include: neurosurgery and neurology, gastroenterology, acute psychiatry, long stay care, day care, outpatient, and emergency services. Internship opportunities in public health research institutes, neuropsychology, occupational and physical therapy, laboratory work, and specialist practices also exist.

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Helene J

Medical Intern | Dublin
Leipzig University

my internship helped me a lot in figuring out what specialty I might want to pursue after graduation and in which direction I want to develop my career.

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Madeline Brent

Medical Research Intern | Dublin
Drexel University

My internship in Dublin was wonderful. I worked at Trinity University in a biobank archiving and processing medical samples.

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Yi Liang Jiang

Pharmacology Intern | Dublin
Bristol University

I worked in an immunology lab, where I learned how to operate centrifuge, Phadia 250 and QuantaLyser. The colleagues and chief scientist were welcoming and patient. Thanks to my pharmacology internship, I gained knowledge of many crucial laboratory skills such as preparing coverslips and writing audits.

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Nina Samarelli

Healthcare intern | Dublin
James Madison University

Connect-123 found the perfect medical internship for me in Dublin! I have had the opportunity to observe what it is really like in a children’s hospital and how things operate. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to advance in my healthcare career, meet some of the most amazing people, and grow into a more independent and confident person.

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Haven Wang

Medical Research Intern | Dublin
University of Massachusetts Amherst

My medical internship in Dublin was absolutely amazing! I got the opportunity to work at a Dublin-based medical research center, where I helped develop a topical treatment for RDEB, a rare skin disease. Throughout my internship in Dublin, I enjoyed many incredible experiences, and some challenging ones too!

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