Medical and Health Care Internships in Barcelona

Barcelona boasts one of Europe’s best health care systems due to its strong health care policies, high quality public health system, and complete range of private medicine and health care facilities. Barcelona’s medical field has an excellent reputation worldwide and has been a pioneer in several scientific fields such as kidney transplants, eye surgeries, oncology, and thoracic and cardiac surgery. Barcelona has developed innovative techniques in plastic and orthopedic surgery as well. Medical and health care interns will be involved with cutting edge medical research activities and equipment, applying some of the latest techniques while working alongside medical professionals with solid skills.

Medical and health care opportunities exist in both research-based and clinical health care programs. Responsibilities may range from conducting clinical and public health research to providing support to patients and nursing staff and more.

Our Barcelona medical and health care internships will be designed in consultation with you and the organization, to deliver a unique set of benefits and learning opportunities for all parties involved.

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Daniel R

Medical Intern | Barcelona
University of Colorado Boulder

I have had the unique opportunity to apply my technical knowledge to real-world scenarios. I worked alongside a diverse and interdisciplinary team to dive into the problems associated with liver injuries and transplants.

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Nicole Johnson

Healthcare intern | Barcelona
University of Illinois at Chicago

Connect-123 set me up with an awesome healthcare internship at a leading pediatric hospital in Barcelona. At the hospital, I learnt to hold conversations confidently in Spanish with native speakers! I am beyond grateful to Connect-123 for making the transition to Barcelona easy for me.

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Ania Aliev

Biomedical Research Intern | Barcelona
Trinity College

This summer I worked at a biomedical research institute in Barcelona. Connect-123 did an excellent job finding me this internship and listened to my parameters and found the perfect internship for me.

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Eden Klepper

Medical Research Intern | Barcelona
Arcadia University

Connect-123 was able to find me multiple, really nice internships. I actually had options to choose from! I ended up working in a neuroimmunology research laboratory. I felt at home there and was able to confirm my aspirations of working as a biologist.

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Natalie Eidson

Health Care Intern | Barcelona
University of Colorado at Boulder

I am very glad I went with Connect-123 and would recommend them to anyone. The pediatric hospital I worked at for two months was just what I was hoping it would be. Every day I was there had an impact on me and I was able to meet some amazing people along the way.

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