Public Policy Internships in Dublin

Public policy internships in Dublin offer you the opportunity to explore policy around social, political, and economic issues in Ireland. Public policy interns may carry out research, report writing, and dialogue around European, foreign, justice, environmental, and economic issues with political parties, government departments and think tanks. There are also several non-profits and lobby groups where interns can work on advocacy and campaigns to promote policy change and reform.

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Lindsay Morrissey

Public Policy intern | Dublin
Drexel University

Connect-123 matched me with an internship that suited my interests and skill sets. I worked at a nonprofit organization in Dublin that specializes in supporting agriculture and enterprise development projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. I certainly made professional connections that will help me in my career.

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Charlotte Ramos

Public policy Intern | Dublin
San Jose State University

My job was such a great fit. I also recently found out that I have been accepted to three graduate degree programs I applied to, and each university was sure to let me know that they were highly impressed with my international internship, and it is a big part of why they accepted me!

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