Fiona Chatterjee

Play Therapy Intern | Dublin
University of California at Berkeley
7 July 2016

Choosing to intern in Dublin through Connect-123 was one of the best decisions I have made. I always knew I wanted to study and/or intern abroad, and luckily for me, Connect-123 made it incredibly easy to find an internship in my field of choice. As a first-year college student with no true medical experience, I thought finding an internship in the health field would be extremely difficult, but thanks to Connect, I was able to intern in the Play Therapy Department at a local children’s hospital. The internship itself was amazing; I had the opportunity to increase my confidence in my communication skills and to learn more about the different methods in which to interact with children and stimulate their emotional growth. In addition, simply living in Dublin was a wonderful experience. Exploring the city itself and its multitude of museums, churches, cafes, pubs, and historic buildings was immensely enjoyable; however, day trips to Galway, the Cliffs of Moher, and other areas of Ireland were also phenomenal. Lastly, the people I met during my stay in Ireland are some of the most amazing people I have ever met—the friends you make through Connect-123 become your friends for life. I cannot imagine a better experience for my first internship abroad and I would recommend Connect-123 to anyone interested in interning or volunteering abroad.

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Tini Thomas

Healthcare Intern | Dublin
University Gr. T. Popa Iasi, Nigeria
27 May 2017

I graduated from medical school and had some time before moving to the next level, so I decided instead of just sitting and waiting, why not do something useful? I knew I wanted to do an internship in Dublin Ireland so I started googling for agents who could help me find one. I saw a couple but it was just so much work, then I stumbled on Connect-123. They were pretty...

Kaitlin O'Brien

Child Life/Play Therapy Intern | Dublin
George Mason University
20 March 2017

To say my choice to intern in Ireland with Connect-123 was the best decision of my entire life would be an understatement. I honestly owe so much to Connect-123 and I will never forget my experience in Dublin. Connect-123 set me up with not one but two internships working in two children's hospitals in Dublin. I learned so much about what I want to do with my life and where...

Alexandra Aldieri

Pharmacy Intern | Dublin
Northeastern University
21 February 2017

I always knew I wanted to intern abroad and Connect-123 helped find a great opportunity in Ireland. I worked for a college research department in Dublin, and everything about my experience was unforgettable. It’s difficult for an American student to find pharmacy research abroad, so I can’t thank Connect-123 enough for helping me find the perfect research position. The professor that I worked closely with was an incredibly kind and...

Ashley King

Healthcare Intern | Dublin
Hawaii Pacific University
16 February 2017

I knew I needed medical research experience for the field I want to go into, but I also have quite the travel bug. I did a lot of research trying to find out who could give me exactly what I wanted. Honestly, most of my time was spent figuring out which company was the most credible. I stumbled upon Connect-123 and contacted them right away. After a few conversations, I...

Lynsey Schafer

Occupational Therapy Intern | Dublin
Assumption College
11 December 2016

This summer, I was blessed with the opportunity to be an intern in Ireland. Before this experience, I had never been outside of the United States so traveling internationally was a new experience for me. Connect-123 helped calm most of my nerves and hesitations about traveling independently, living in a new home for two months, and having an international internship. Throughout the process, Connect-123 was quick to answer all of...

Angie Shearon

Health Care Intern | Dublin
University of Arizona
10 December 2016

Completing a Connect-123 internship was one of the best decisions I’ve made, not only for my career but for my growth as a person. It was my first time travelling away from home for such a long period, but they made everything go so smoothly that I had nothing to be nervous about. The internship was so perfect for me and was exactly what I was looking for! My supervisors...

Alexandria Plant

Cancer Research Intern | Dublin
Boston College
15 August 2016

Being part of Connect-123’s internship program was one of my best decisions I have ever made. I had always wanted to travel to Europe, so to be able to do so while pursuing my career path was an incredible opportunity for me. Soon enough, I found myself in Dublin taking in the Irish culture and taking full advantage of my journey. In Dublin, I got a fantastic internship at an...

Nicole Chandler

Occupational Therapy Intern | Dublin
Colorado State University
5 August 2016

The summer of 2016 has been far from ordinary for me while in Dublin. I have been so fortunate to live in Dublin, have an amazing internship, explore Europe, and be exposed to new cultures. I have loved every second of it. I chose Dublin because it looked like a new and exciting country with beautiful views and hospital people and I didn’t have to learn a new language. I...

Sidra Shah

Health Care Intern | Dublin
University of Texas at Dallas
5 August 2015

These past two months in Ireland have been absolutely amazing! From the remarkable internship placement at one of Ireland’s pediatric hospitals, to the program coordinators' helpful demeanor, the Connect-123 program and staff have been wonderful and friendly. I was a little hesitant coming to Dublin for the summer, and working at a hospital full time since I am still only a pre-med student. However, I got to work with my...

Aysha Iqbal

Health Care Intern | Dublin
University of Texas at Dallas
28 July 2015

My internship experience with Connect-123 was amazing. Being able to work in a public hospital Dublin, Ireland allowed me to experience a new country as well as gain experience in my future career path. I was able to see and do things within the healthcare field that I would not been able to do back home. This internship allowed for me to grow both as a person and a future...

Brianna Mastromarino

Health Care Intern | Dublin
University of Miami
21 January 2015

I first visited Dublin while traveling Europe during study abroad. After spending only a few days in the city, I knew I wanted to return for an extended stay. I was incredibly fortunate to find that Connect-123 would not only provide a means for my return to Dublin, but would also allow me to work at an internship pertinent to my field of study. I spent this past summer working...

Kate Flanagan

Medical Intern | Dublin
UT Dallas
4 August 2014

When I signed up for Connect-123's Dublin internship program I had never traveled abroad before, much less lived and worked abroad for 8 weeks. I had always wanted to visit Ireland and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so while getting some work experience at the same time. But I was worried--about navigating a foreign country, about not knowing any of the people traveling with me, and about...

Bridget Haley

Medical Research Intern | Dublin
University of Illinois
25 November 2013

Living abroad in Dublin was an incredible, life-changing experience. I spent three months there, but it was so hard to leave at the end, that I wish I could have stayed longer. The whole experience was very smooth right from the beginning. Connect-123 found me the perfect internship, performing research on the childhood cancer neuroblastoma at the University College Dublin. I didn’t have a whole lot of research experience before...

Nichole Drolet

Health Care Intern | Dublin
Rhode Island College
24 September 2013

The summer I spent in Dublin was literally the best summer of my life! Not only was it an amazing life experience to live in another country for 10 weeks, but the experience I got in my nursing internship at the pediatric hospital was beyond words. The internship wasn't at all what I thought or hoped, but it turned out to be a fantastic foundational learning experience. My goal going...

Megan Mooney

Healthcare Intern | Dublin
Bowling Green State University
28 February 2013

Connect 123 is a fantastic opportunity to explore another country while also enabling you to make professional connections around the world. The experience that I have had with this company was unmatched. To any student wanting to go abroad and also gain career experience, I would highly recommend this company. My time in Dublin surpassed my expectations and given the opportunity I would do it all again.

Tamara Thevarajah

Healthcare Intern | Dublin
University of Colorado at Denver
21 November 2012

Just two weeks before my departure, I accepted an internship position at a major hospital in Dublin, Ireland and as scary as the thought was, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. After some phone conversations and long emails back and forth, Connect-123’s Melanie McDowell understood exactly what I was looking for and found me the position of my dreams! The hospital is the leading center for...

Laura Beth Lathrop

Healthcare Intern | Dublin
University of Oregon, Graduate
8 November 2012

I would have never imagined that an internship could have provided me with the experience and exposure to the medical field that my Dublin internship did. During my time spent working in the hospital, I was involved in two main projects; processing of blood and tissue samples for the ovarian cancer bioresource centre and assessing the use of thrombo-elastography (TEG) for the detection of hypercoagulability in patients post gynaecological surgery....

Cassandra Wood

Health Care Intern | Dublin
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
5 November 2012

My summer internship in Dublin, Ireland was unforgettable! The hands on experience I encountered was more than anything I could have hoped for in an undergraduate dietetic internship. While serving as a Student Dietitian Intern at a rehabilitation hospital, I worked alongside the Clinical Nutrition Manager as well as many other friendly and fun health care professionals.  I was thrilled to be able to apply so much of what I...

Kayleen Meyer

Occupational Therapy Intern | Dublin
University of Wisconsin at Madison
18 October 2012

I had the opportunity to work with Occupational Therapists in a hospital setting, building up a variety of skills. This internship taught me how to work in a fast-pace environment where everyone gets to know each other very quickly. I learned a lot about how OT is done for patient's with hip and knee surgeries and how to apply it to each patient. An important skill I learned was how...

Zach Bennett

Public Health Intern | Dublin
University of Wisconsin at Madison
15 September 2012

Connect-123 made my two-month experience in Dublin very easy. They found me an internship that fit both my schedule and needs. The internship at a public health research centre is already helping me in my career. Connect-123 also found me affordable housing very close to my work and checked in often to see how things were going from both a tourist and intern perspective. I have heard that traveling abroad...

Brittany Foerg

Health Care Intern | Dublin
Butler University
3 September 2012

The two months I spent in Dublin completing a research internship were nothing short of exciting, eventful, and inspiring. I gained an extraordinary amount of knowledge and experience relevant to my future career as an optometrist, and I absolutely loved all that there was to do and see in and around Dublin. I really enjoyed getting to know the people while I was there, and many of the relationships I...

Jillian Yeo

National University of Singapore | Dublin
Health Care Intern
15 August 2012

I recently went through Connect-123 to secure an internship opportunity with a well known university in Dublin. It was an excellent opportunity to gain further insight into the pharmaceutical research sector. Not only was Connect-123 great at finding an internship suited to my needs, they were continuously checking on my progress and how I was adapting to the new surroundings. Personally, I felt that it was thoughtful. An overseas internship...