Olivia C

Marketing Intern | Barcelona
Oregon State University
26 September 2022

I am very fortunate to have had such a cool and amazing internship experience in Barcelona this summer thanks to Connect -123. I was placed into a company in which I learned and grew professionally. My boss has become such a huge role model and influence to me.
There were times when I really struggled and felt alone with what I was dealing with but that’s all a part of living abroad – there will be amazing and unforgettable moments but there will also be times that you might struggle. You just have to make sure you take as much time for yourself as you need and do the things that make you happy. I also want to thank Adi at Connect-123 for always checking in on me and making sure I was okay during my time in Barcelona, she was always so helpful and super fun to hang out with. I am sad that this summer abroad has to come to an end but so grateful for the memories and friends I made.

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Addison L

Marketing Intern | Barcelona
University of Colorado Boulder
5 September 2023

This opportunity has been one of the greatest experiences of my life and I highly recommend it. I got to immerse myself in the Spanish work culture as a marketing intern at a communications consulting company. I enjoyed learning more Spanish and forming a network with my colleagues. I was also able to learn about the consulting process and was able to work on some of my own projects for...

Sydney B

Marketing Intern | Barcelona
University of Colorado Boulder
25 October 2022

When I initially arrived in Barcelona, I felt all sorts of excited, nervous, and scared. Connect-123 built a platform for me to succeed during my time there. I walked away with a life-changing experience and lifelong friends. Connect-123 provided professional development resources while I was abroad and ensured I had everything I needed to succeed during my time. They stayed connected during the whole process, from finding you an internship...

Melanie G

Marketing Intern | Barcelona
University of Georgia
13 September 2021

Through Connect-123 I was given the opportunity of a lifetime to intern at an incredible NGO in Barcelona! Coming out of a rough and uncertain year I was excited to be able to travel again especially with the added enhancing my resume. Connect-123 facilitated the process of finding the perfect summer marketing internship. I grew not only professionally but also personally during my time in Barcelona. I am so thankful...

Taylor Paglino

Marketing Intern | Barcelona
SUNY at Oneonta
17 July 2019

The opportunity to intern abroad in Barcelona was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. During my time here, I was able to grow tremendously both personally and professionally. Connect 123 helped facilitate my internship at a digital health company as a marketing intern. Zuzana took into great consideration my interest in healthcare and introduced me to a company where I learned an incredible amount and saw in...

Meaghan Kincaid

Marketing & PR Intern | Barcelona
SUNY at Oneonta
4 August 2018

I chose to do a marketing internship in Barcelona, Spain this past summer. I was in contact with Lea Levy, who facilitated my internship. I could not have been happier with the placement she found me, at a coworking space on the port near Barceloneta. I wouldn’t have traded my internship experience for anything. Running the company’s social media platforms and blog section has shown me how marketing and public...

Jaehun Jeong

Marketing Intern | Barcelona
Myongji University
14 June 2018

Thanks to Connect-123, I was able to spend the best three months in Barcelona. Connect-123 helped facilitate a marketing internship that I’ve always been interested in, and also helped me secure a decent apartment in Barcelona. I was given several creative projects to work on as a marketing intern, and I was able to enhance my working ability through this experience. Apart from internships, these three months were the perfect...

Nicolette Sommar

Marketing Intern | Barcelona
Drexel University
8 August 2017

I needed an internship for my spring term and Connect-123 was more than helpful. I remember hearing about the program through my friend in early January. After some research, I decided to send in my info. Connect-123 was quick and efficient with getting back to me and before I knew it, I found myself in the beautiful city of Barcelona. They made my transition from home to Spain very easy...

Benjamin Gilson

Marketing Intern | Barcelona
University of Colorado at Boulder
21 July 2017

Thanks to Connect-123, I was able to not only discover an entirely new industry but work in it full time as well. My summer in Barcelona provided me with a number of unique projects and tasks that helped me find my passions in the workplace and people. It has helped me gain a cultural work perspective that I could not have found at home and helped me grow immensely. Barcelona...

Kayla Elena von Rueti

Marketing Intern | Barcelona
City University London
26 June 2017

Connect-123 truly helped me find an internship that was perfect for me. I loved working there and they have an amazing culture and there is a positive and friendly vibe between all co-workers. Even though I was only in the company for a short internship; I have learned so much and feel like I have so much more experience. I would be grateful if I could work here again as...

Daniel Pawelski

Marketing Intern | Barcelona
University of Colorado at Boulder
2 September 2016

Hola! My name is Danny, and this past summer I spent 9 weeks in beautiful Barcelona working for a start-up company. This wasn’t my first time abroad, but it was my first time studying abroad and hopefully won’t be my last. This was by far the most unique and educational experience I’ve ever had. I got to fully immerse myself in a new culture for 2 months and I was...

Danny Goldman

Marketing Intern | Barcelona
Stanford University
1 June 2016

Through Connect-123, I had the opportunity to work at a digital startup in Barcelona for 9 weeks--an experience in which I grew, learned, and pushed myself beyond my comfort zone. The idea of living in a foreign city completely independently is an intimidating one. Connect-123 helped me land an internship, find housing, and meet other interns living in Barcelona. In terms of the internship I was doing, I couldn't have...

Daniela Silvas

Marketing Intern | Barcelona
California State University
31 March 2016

From dealing with the culture shock to making lifelong friends, I don't regret choosing Barcelona at all. This city gave me an opportunity to learn more about myself and to grow both personally and professionally. The city has it all: beautiful architecture, famous attractions, nightlife, and all different types of food! You will find people from all over the world, share different stories and be able to travel with them....

Olivia Tornelli

Marketing Intern | Barcelona
Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing, Brazil
30 November 2015

"We are a constant experiment with unpredictable results". This sentence is from the design agency where I did my internship and describes exactly how my six months in Barcelona was. I was given a lot of responsibilities, attended meetings with clients, events outside the city and was able to improve my Spanish. Barcelona is amazing! I enjoyed the museums, beautiful buildings and streets, beaches, restaurants, bars, parties and very good...

Alexandra Fong

Marketing Intern | Barcelona
University of Southern California
7 October 2015

This past summer I was a social media and marketing intern at a shoe company that produces hand-made espadrilles. We were a small team of 3, but it was a great way for me to get some hands-on experience and really connect with my two bosses. They were the most supportive and understanding bosses I could’ve asked for, and they were always there to help me when I needed it....

Phillip Jenkins

Marketing Intern | Barcelona
SUNY at Oswego
7 October 2015

I had a great experience with Connect-123 in Barcelona. My time working at a technology startup gave me a lot of insight into the way a growing international business operates. It was also a good opportunity to meet a lot of new people with different international backgrounds and expertise in different areas. Living and working in Barcelona for the summer was a really cool experience, the city is full of...

Jade Murray

Marketing Intern | Barcelona
Edinburgh Napier University
25 September 2015

I seriously had the best summer ever this year and it’s all down to these guys! When the idea of an internship in Barcelona appears in your mind, it’s crazy but so overwhelming trying to figure out where to start – especially when your Spanish is no bueno. Not only did the staff at Connect-123 find me a great internship, they were always on hand with advice on housing, expenses...

Sanam Ghaneeian

Marketing Intern | Barcelona
University of Southern California
20 August 2015

I had a great experience with Connect-123! I was initially hesitant upon embarking on a working summer in Spain, especially coming off of a study abroad experiencing in Amsterdam, but this experience is now the main talking point throughout all of my interviews! My Connect-123 program coordinator was helpful in bringing this all to fruition from the initial interview until the final placement – patiently answering every question along the...

Paige Rothschild

Sales and Marketing Intern | Barcelona
University of California, Berkeley
28 October 2013

Ever since I began college I always wanted to go abroad and experience the world. I think traveling gives someone a lot of knowledge and the ability to see things in a different perspective to grow and obtain their full potential as an individual. This was my reasoning behind coming abroad and honestly this has been the best decision I have made for myself this far in life. BEST. DECISION....

Henna Mishra

Marketing Intern | Barcelona
Washington University
14 August 2013

Choosing Connect-123 to help me find an internship abroad was the best decision I could have ever made. From the first e-mail I sent inquiring more about the company and what it offered, I was constantly and quickly assisted by the program staff who worked extremely hard to find me the perfect internship. I had the rare opportunity to work in a developing web start-up in beautiful Barcelona and gained...

Linda Monetta

Marketing Intern | Barcelona
British Columbia Institute of Technology, Graduate
2 June 2013

As a career changer I was looking for an internship to update my marketing skills and develop new work skills to aid in my future job search. Connect 123 took the time to help me define what experience I was looking for a found the right company for my goals. While in Barcelona, the Connect 123 team kept in constant contact to make sure everything was going well and to...
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