From Barcelona to Dublin: Q & A with Tyler Yang

After successfully completing his internship in Barcelona in 2019, Tyler Yang was bitten by the travel bug and decided to continue his adventures in Dublin. Majoring in Biomedical Engineering at Drexel University, Tyler wanted to gain further experience abroad before graduating in 2021. We asked him a few questions on his internship experience in Barcelona […]

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How a Summer Internship in Dublin Changed my Life: Alumni Interview

An internship abroad has the capacity to teach you more about yourself than you ever knew possible! Just ask Haven Wang, a microbiology student from Boston, Massachusetts, who spent last summer in Dublin doing her medical research internship. When she wasn’t developing science, Haven spent her time nibbling on Dublin’s vast cuisine and getting lost […]

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Shooting for the stars: How my Astronomy Internship in Dublin helped land me a job at NASA

Working at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre is a pretty big deal. It’s where communication happens between mission control and orbiting astronauts on the International Space Station. It’s where all things Hubble originate. And it’s home to the largest US team of scientists, engineers, and technologists who build spacecraft, instruments and new technology to study […]

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What my internship in Dublin taught me: UT Dallas undergrad shares experience abroad

Hannah is studying arts and technology with a focus on interaction and design at the University of Texas at Dallas. From the land where everything is bigger, to the land where everything is greener, Hannah traveled from Dallas to Dublin to complete an eight-week internship in application design. Once she pushed through the initial discomfort she […]

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My medical internship in Dublin: Q & A with UT Dallas Goldwater Scholar

Rachel Meade’s passion is medical research. She studied molecular biology at the University of Texas at Dallas, and aims to pursue a PhD in genetics with a focus on virology and pathology. As an undergraduate researcher, Rachel spent eight months away from home. She undertook research at various institutions abroad, including a two-month medical internship in […]

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Doing your internship in Dublin? Check out these free weekly events!

Doing your internship in Dublin? The city offers a unique blend of traits: history, untouched nature, buzzing city-life, charming locals and sometimes, high costs. Regrettably, being a young international intern usually means a mind full of prosperous adventures, and a wallet full of unfortunate vacancy. Fortunately, Dublin is a city filled with free events every day, […]

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