Live the magic of the emerald isle in Dublin! Get relevant career-related experience with an international internship or donate your time and energy to a worthwhile cause as a volunteer. You’ll soon learn first hand that this small but cosmopolitan city works hard and plays hard too!

Dublin, Ireland

Explore Dublin as a Connect-123 international intern or volunteer and experience the historic beauty and Celtic charm of the Irish capital while gaining real world knowledge and skills.

Fast facts

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Population: 1.2 million (4 million in Republic of Ireland)

Climate: Maritime (mild winters, cool summers)

Languages: English and Irish (Gaelic) are the two official languages, however very few native Dubliners speak Irish as their first language.

Religions: 87% Roman Catholic

Country Capital: Dublin

Time Zone: GMT

Currency: Euro

Fun Fact: Dublin is one of the ‘youngest’ cities in the world with an estimated 50% of its population under 35 years of age.  

History and Culture

Dunluce Castle Antrim Ireland

Ireland’s capital Dublin has a rich and turbulent history dating back over a thousand years. Situated on Irish Sea at the mouth of the river Liffey and surrounded by scenic mountains, Dublin first attracted the Scandinavian Vikings and later the French Normans, before being absorbed into the British Empire until last century. Today a bustling, cosmopolitan European capital with a diverse population and sophisticated cultural scene, Dublin still exudes history.

Celebrated in James Joyce’s Ulysses, its spirit can be found in the lively nightlife that bears witness to Dubliners’ love of storytelling, songs and ‘craic’ (meaning fun) and the legendary welcome they extend to visitors! There’s a reason this 'Fair City' has inspired the likes of Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett and WB Yeats and continues to produce artists of the caliber of U2 – and it’s not just because of the famous ‘black stuff’, Guinness. Come see for yourself!

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