Web Development Internships in Dublin

Dublin’s IT industry is booming and Google’s recent opening of offices in Dublin is further testament to that fact. There are several web development agencies and internship opportunities for web development and design include programming, software development, and social media solutions.

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Diksha Chopra

Computer Software Intern | Dublin
University of Texas at Dallas

I completed a web development internship in Dublin, Ireland this summer. I worked at a global tech company, where I gained valuable coding skills. I got the opportunity to observe how work culture differs around the world. My internship experience in Dublin was everything I wanted it to be, and more.

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Monica Nievandt

Software Engineering Intern | Dublin
University of Texas at Dallas

I couldn’t have been more thrilled with my software engineering internship and I know my work will be useful to the company long after I’m gone. I learned many valuable programming skills along the way and further developed my professional communication and networking skills.

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Hannah Barnes

User Experience Designer Intern | Dublin
University of Texas at Dallas

My trip to Dublin was hands-down the best experience of my academic career. I worked as a user experience designer at a company that develops travel apps. My company fully accepted me as an equal member of their team, and I met many amazing people who acted both as mentors and friends.

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