Law Internships in Barcelona

If you’re eager to obtain legal knowledge or apply your expertise, we can facilitate a range of legal positions. Law internships in Barcelona include working directly with lawyers at a legal aid clinic, researching human trafficking legislation, researching Spanish and European legislation and jurisprudence in relation to human rights issues, offering paralegal advice on socio-economic issues, and working as an advocate’s assistant.

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Rebecca Willis

Law Intern | Barcelona
University of Glasgow

Connect-123 offered exactly what I was looking for! With their connections in Barcelona, they were able to offer me a two-month internship at an immigration law firm.

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Kolleen Jabbour

Law Intern | Barcelona
Concordia College

I spent two months working in an immigration law firm. I became comfortable with everyone I worked with and they were there if I needed help or had any questions about work, the city or anything! My internship was an experience of a lifetime. I loved my stay in Barcelona and am forever grateful for this experience!

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