Public Policy Internships in Barcelona

Barcelona is home to many organizations, think tanks, and development agencies that work to promote and implement public policies in the city. Pubic policy internships exist in research, advocacy, policy development, and capacity building in areas such as education, human rights, gender issues, public health, social protection and the environment.

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Lona Sniderman

Public Policy Intern | Barcelona
Hamilton College

Connect-123 let me bring my vision into focus, connecting me with an internship at a research institution in Barcelona that would last eight weeks over the summer. Connect-123 allowed me to go above and beyond my initial goal by immersing me into a summer of firsts!

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Daniel Cooke

Public Policy | Barcelona
Michigan State University

Before I even knew which college I wanted to attend, I had already made up my mind about one important aspect of my collegiate career: I wanted to study abroad. I had been blessed with many international trips prior to my summer in Barcelona, but the...

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Mark Lainoff

Public Policy Intern | Barcelona
Rhodes College

Fifty years from now, when you are (hopefully) peacefully retired in the place of your dreams, reflecting on your past experiences, your education, your work, your family, the friends you have made and the friends you have lost, the places you have v...

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