Tourism and Hospitality Internships in Barcelona

Ever since Barcelona hosted the Olympic Games in 1992, the city has experienced a steady growth in tourist numbers. Today, Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in the world, which has contributed to its cosmopolitan environment, diversity and openness to other cultures. Not only is it the only European city with beaches in the city center, but it also has a great climate, and numerous parks and outdoor hiking and recreational areas. Barcelona is synonymous with culture, artistic trends and architectural legacy.

Barcelona offers fantastic hotel infrastructure, highly developed tourism services and a ton of programs and events to promote the city as a tourist destination. Opportunities for a tourism and hospitality intern may include working behind the front desk or rotating through the different departments of a hotel’s management, or helping a local tourism promotion agency market Barcelona as a destination. Since Barcelona has a strong commitment to responsible tourism, sustainable tourism internships may be available too.

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Jordan Thompson

Hospitality Intern | Barcelona
University of South Carolina

Connect-123 help to facilitate one of the best summers I’ve ever had, in Barcelona, Spain. They made sure that my experience was as great as possible, matching me up with an amazing host workplace, continually checking in on me, and always available for tips on how to get adjusted.

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Pemanee Damrasmongkonsakul

Tourism Intern | Barcelona
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

Their quick response to my questions and their experience of having interns abroad, assisted me in getting an opportunity to have an internship here in Barcelona. I really enjoyed my time here, including the company where I interned with is also incredible!

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Dan Weise

Hospitality Intern | Barcelona
DePaul University

Even after being away from Barcelona for almost 2 months, I can say that Connect-123 has provided me with the best opportunity I have ever been afforded. This past summer, I was a food and beverage intern at a 4-star hotel in downtown Barcelona where...

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Priscilla Choi

Tourism Intern | Barcelona
Rhodes College

When people ask me “How did you enjoy Barcelona?”, I always respond: “I loved it. I want to go back and stay there forever.” And then they laugh. Little do they know that I’m only half joking. My summer experience in Barcelona can be sum...

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