Environment and Sustainability Internships in Buenos Aires

There are many cutting-edge and challenging environment and sustainability internships available in Buenos Aires. Like other major cities around the world, the Argentine capital is trying to rise to the challenge to adopt more sustainable practices and to establish measures and initiatives to protect the environment. All of this gives rise to some interesting environment and sustainablity internship opportunities in both nonprofit organizations and green companies, involving everything from community gardens to renewable energy and public policy projects. Past interns have collected recyclable items in schools for upcycling, taught best recycling practices, planted trees to restore natural ecosystems, run workshops to promote environmental awareness, organized and promoted green festivals and concerts, and generated initiaves to protect nature reserves.

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Catherine Kozuch

Sustainable Development Intern | Buenos Aires
Case Western Reserve University

As for my environmental sustainability internship, it was amazing to work with an environmental NGO. It was great to help throughout the city both in getting buildings to utilize more sustainable practices, and spreading environmental education awareness! All in all, I would definitely recommend coming here! 

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Reyhan Sinha

Sustainable Development Intern | Buenos Aires
University of Texas at Dallas

Connect-123 facilitated my sustainable development internship in Buenos Aires, Argentina over the summer. It was hands down one the best things I've ever done!

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Jennifer Brown

Environment and Sustainability Intern | Buenos Aires
University of Hawaii

I found my experience with Connect-123 to be really impressive. Not only was I placed with a meaningful organization that provided me with a genuine learning experience, I felt that my program coordinator really cared that I got the most out of that experience.

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Andrew Kirkwood

Environment Intern | Buenos Aires
Prem Tinsulanonda International School, Thailand

Looking for an internship through Connect-123 made the process a great deal easier and helped me find a place with much more ease than if I was on my own. The help with finding not only the internship but a place to stay made the process much more smooth.

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Veikko Schepel

Environment Intern | Buenos Aires
Utrecht University

After finishing my bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences last Summer I decided to take a gap year to explore life outside of university. A few goals I had were to learn Spanish, visit and travel in South America and gain some work experience....

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