Education and Teaching Volunteer Programs in Buenos Aires

Teaching is a great way for volunteers to positively impact communities by sharing their knowledge and skills with others. Many schools in Buenos Aires teach English to grade school children but these students often lack interaction with native or fluent English speakers. Volunteering opportunities in education and teaching in Buenos Aires include working on literacy with disadvantaged adults, preparing workshops to encourage intercultural awareness, mentoring underpriveldged youth, and creating and assisting with after school activities, and helping students better prepare for international English exams which will eventually make them more competitive in the workplace.

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Katie Binstock

Education Volunteer | Buenos Aires
Syracuse University, Graduate
2 May 2013
For the past four months, I had the opportunity to intern as a summer camp volunteer and assistant english teacher in Buenos Aires, Argentina through Connect-123. Connect-123 provided me with an unforgettable internship experience that certainly exceeded all o...

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