Internship in Dublin: Q & A with Drexel Global Studies major

The loveable, lively, and level-headed Lindsay Morrisey embarked on an internship in Dublin, Ireland this spring. Lindsay, a Global Studies major at Drexel University, worked for a local non-profit organization, supporting various fundraising projects and large events. With a cup of Irish tea in hand and a can-do attitude, Ms. Morrisey has allowed the Connect-123 […]

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No matter your interests, there’s an internship for you in Dublin

Dublin is a city brimming with culture, incredible architecture, music and diverse internship opportunities. Between the city center, the coast, and the mountains, Dublin offers internship opportunities for students of every major. Internships range from IT to medical and public health care to communications and beyond. An internship in marine biology Mairead McConnell, a student at […]

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Hidden gems of Northside Dublin: Top spots for interns

The great River Liffey is more than a geographical split between the north and south of Dublin. The contentious divide has long represented a cultural distinction between the Northside and Southside of Ireland’s friendliest city. Northside Dublin is less popular with visitors but offers an array of hidden gems that are well worth a visit. […]

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Doing your internship in Dublin? Check out these free weekly events!

Doing your internship in Dublin? The city offers a unique blend of traits: history, untouched nature, buzzing city-life, charming locals and sometimes, high costs. Regrettably, being a young international intern usually means a mind full of prosperous adventures, and a wallet full of unfortunate vacancy. Fortunately, Dublin is a city filled with free events every day, […]

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Five Reasons Why You Should Intern Abroad in Dublin This Summer

If you’re looking to complete a professional internship abroad or international volunteer program in a top-notch destination, then look no further. Connect-123 offers experiential learning opportunities in business, technology, healthcare and more in Dublin, Ireland, a dream destination. When in Dublin, expect to fall in love with this capital city and its charming residents. 1. The […]

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Alumni Interview: Mariam Said, Dublin Architecture Intern

Armed with a degree in Architecture, Mariam began an internship at an architecture firm in Dublin in the Spring of 2016. During her 8 month long internship she mastered a new design software, worked on impressive projects, and saw first-hand how a small architecture firm is run. She also fell in love with Ireland and the friendly people of […]

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