Experience the unique contrast of medieval and modern as more than just a tourist in this international yet truly European city. Get swept away by the uniquely inspiring and artistic essence of Barcelona while you participate in a career related internship or meaningful volunteer position.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona volunteers and interns will experience all of the excitement and culture Barcelona has to offer while gaining hands-on, real world experience in a truly inspiring international city.

Fast facts

Parc Guell Barcelona

Population: 1.6 million (44.7 million in Spain)

Climate: Mild Mediterranean

Languages: The two official languages in Catalonia are Castilian Spanish and Catalan.

Religions: Roman Catholic 99%

Country Capital: Madrid

Time Zone: GMT + 1 hour

Currency: Euro

Fun Fact: FC Barcelona is a world famous soccer club. With seating capacity for 100,000 people, Nou Camp is the largest privately owned stadium in the world and it is one of the most visited tourist attractions of Barcelona. The nickname of the team is “blaugrana”, based on the blue and maroon colors that the football team wears for all its games.


History and Culture

Castellers in Barcelona Spain

Barcelona has always been the stronghold of Catalan separatism within Spain and Catalans are known for being extremely proud of their regional identity, culture and language. Though Barcelona was founded as a Roman city, the economy, as well as culture and the arts flourished in the late 19th century. This also coincides with the start of Catalan Modernism, an art movement evidenced all over the city. Catalonia briefly gained autonomy before the Spanish Civil War but during Franco’s dictatorship, Catalan language was banned and the regional government was abolished, among other forms of censorship.

The post-Franco period brought democracy to Spain and returned autonomy to Catalonia. The hosting of the 1992 Olympic Games which completely transformed 20th-century Barcelona into a versatile, global city and developed into a major art and cultural centre. Downtown, art and culture lovers have the opportunity to see the works of Picasso and Miró, visit the architectural works of the "modernist masters", the highlight of which is Gaudi’s impressive Sagrada Familia church, as well as wander through the Barrio Gótico, full of history within its old walls, beautiful monuments, and winding pedestrian streets.

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