Law Internships in Buenos Aires

Law interns in Buenos Aires have a number of opportunities to put their legal training to good use and gain important insights into different legal systems, all while earning great resume points! We can facilitate internships in many areas of practice including legal counseling, international law, business law and environmental law. Additionally, interns may find themselves working with leading human rights organizations, assisting lawyers with local cases or researching different relevant topics. Buenos Aires law internships are available both at legal centers, private firms and nonprofit organizations.

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James Addington

Law Intern | Buenos Aires
University of Canterbury

With the help of Connect-123 and the New Zealand Embassy to Argentina, I undertook a three-month legal internship in Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires is an epic city and I would 10/10 recommend this program!

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Karlayne Powell

Law Intern | Buenos Aires

This past year I had the opportunity to travel to Argentina to work as a legal intern through Connect-123. My experience with Connect-123 was more than just incredible; not only did they find an extremely hands-on internship, but also a conveniently ...

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