Deborah Carlin

Environment and Sustainability Intern | Dublin
Muhlenberg College
18 April 2016

Choosing to go abroad was one of the best decisions I ever made, and Dublin was the perfect place to do it. I was very nervous about being so far from home, but adjusting to life in Dublin wasn’t difficult at all! Everyday I would discover new things about the city and about Irish culture that made me realize how special of a place Dublin is, and how lucky I was to be there.

The internship I had was a great fit, and provided me with so many opportunities – I now have more environmental fieldwork experience, and I am able to say that I have worked with an international organization and with people of other cultures. I even gained skills I didn’t expect to, such as public speaking and administration. Connect-123 was very responsive to everything I asked for, and they made sure that I was comfortable in my internship and housing location.

Although I was only in Dublin for 10 weeks, I can’t imagine not having this experience. I have made friends and memories that will last a lifetime!

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Sarah Treanor

Environmental Intern | Dublin
SUNY at Oneoneta
13 July 2018

I completed my environmental and sustainability internship in Ireland at a Dublin-based creative studio and shop with a focus on the environment and healthcare design. From the day I started my internship, I helped make the products that were sold in the shop, as well as help manage the cash register. There was a big street festival a few weeks after I arrived, so a lot of work needed to...

Isaiah Sauvageau

Environmental research intern | Dublin
Drexel University
15 June 2018

Living abroad is a liberating experience. Once I stepped off the plane and onto Irish soil, the world grew a little bit smaller. I had never traveled alone before, and the idea of living without any of the comforts of my familiar life was daunting. That is where Connect-123 made life easy. Nikki, my program coordinator, helped me establish the essentials (housing, phone, connections, etc…). I quickly grew comfortable and...

Lisa Bellmann

Environment and Education Intern | Dublin
Saarland University, Germany
3 September 2016

My dream of living and working abroad came true when I stayed in Dublin for three months. Connect-123 was a huge help during the whole time. The application process was very easy and fast and everyone involved was really friendly. They helped finding a great internship for me – I worked in an aquarium in a customer-facing role. This really helped improving my English and was a very interesting way...

Amanda Maxon

Environmental Science Intern | Dublin
Catholic University of the West, France
1 May 2016

The internship with Connect-123 was a wonderful and life rewarding program. I emailed them with an initial inquiry and within a week I had all of my paperwork filled out. I am so glad I decided to participate in this program for Spring 2016 in Dublin. I was looking for an internship that dealt with agriculture which is pretty had to find when you do not have a lot of experience...

Hanna Hard

Environment Intern | Dublin
University of Arizona
21 October 2015

What to say about my experience in Dublin? Honestly, I was scared to write this testimonial because it isn't possible to convey in words how magical my summer was. Upon my arrival in Dublin, I was nervous: what would my roommates be like? Would my job be hard? Too easy? How is the food? Would I get homesick? -- All of the questions you'd imagine having in a new country,...

Sarah Cuprewich

Environment Intern | Dublin
University of Vermont
5 August 2015

My time in Dublin was simply unforgettable. Connect-123 staff provided opportunities to meet up with other Connect-123 interns, but it was also fun to get to know my housemates from all around the world and conquer Dublin’s exciting nightlife together. I formed friendships that I hope will last a lifetime! There was always something fun going on in the city, and spending time in the seemingly endless parks when the...

Matthew Burns

Environmental Intern | Dublin
St Francis Xavier University
20 November 2012

During the summer, I had the privilege of doing an environmental/sustainability internship for 2 months in Dublin. Now, I know when people think of environment and sustainability they do not usually think of Dublin as the first place they would look, but there is actually a very large web of environmental agencies, and the environment is a key political issue in Ireland right now. The internship was mostly dealing with...