Matthew Burns

Environmental Intern | Dublin
St Francis Xavier University
20 November 2012

During the summer, I had the privilege of doing an environmental/sustainability internship for 2 months in Dublin. Now, I know when people think of environment and sustainability they do not usually think of Dublin as the first place they would look, but there is actually a very large web of environmental agencies, and the environment is a key political issue in Ireland right now. The internship was mostly dealing with integrated coastal zone management, meaning that I did everything and anything to do with the coast.

Sometimes I was in the lab helping a PhD student with their bivalve research, other times I was out in the field surveying sea grass, but my main work was going to high-end government meetings and doing all kinds of research for different political meetings. I was actively involved in politics; I even appeared in newspapers and on the radio!

This internship completely met my expectations and allowed me to explore many different aspects of the environment. Although I have to say, the best part of this job was that it allowed for me to travel all around Ireland, some days I would be down in County Wexford for an event, the next day I would be in County Donegal doing surveys and meeting with local people. This allowed me to see sights that normal people working just in Dublin would not be able to see, and meet some amazing local people.

I have to say a big thank you to Connect-123 for setting me up with this internship. They were so helpful in getting me a placement, and finding housing for me. They also take you around on your first day (which was a big help), showing what buses you need to take, some of the sights you can go and see, and going with you to meet your boss for the first time. The tours were always fun that were set up by Connect-123 too! By far my favorite tours were the Cliff of Moher and the Aran Islands, Giants Causeway, and Glendalough.

Dublin is a great small city, the people are amazing, and Connect-123 makes it all possible. I have made friendships with people from all over the world, from Ireland (of course) to Italy, to South Africa and even met people from my home in Canada! If you’re looking for a good internship in the environment/sustainability sector, then I would recommend looking through Connect-123 in Dublin.

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Sarah Treanor

Environmental Intern | Dublin
SUNY at Oneoneta
13 July 2018

I completed my environmental and sustainability internship in Ireland at a Dublin-based creative studio and shop with a focus on the environment and healthcare design. From the day I started my internship, I helped make the products that were sold in the shop, as well as help manage the cash register. There was a big street festival a few weeks after I arrived, so a lot of work needed to...

Isaiah Sauvageau

Environmental research intern | Dublin
Drexel University
15 June 2018

Living abroad is a liberating experience. Once I stepped off the plane and onto Irish soil, the world grew a little bit smaller. I had never traveled alone before, and the idea of living without any of the comforts of my familiar life was daunting. That is where Connect-123 made life easy. Nikki, my program coordinator, helped me establish the essentials (housing, phone, connections, etc…). I quickly grew comfortable and...

Lisa Bellmann

Environment and Education Intern | Dublin
Saarland University, Germany
3 September 2016

My dream of living and working abroad came true when I stayed in Dublin for three months. Connect-123 was a huge help during the whole time. The application process was very easy and fast and everyone involved was really friendly. They helped finding a great internship for me – I worked in an aquarium in a customer-facing role. This really helped improving my English and was a very interesting way...

Amanda Maxon

Environmental Science Intern | Dublin
Catholic University of the West, France
1 May 2016

The internship with Connect-123 was a wonderful and life rewarding program. I emailed them with an initial inquiry and within a week I had all of my paperwork filled out. I am so glad I decided to participate in this program for Spring 2016 in Dublin. I was looking for an internship that dealt with agriculture which is pretty had to find when you do not have a lot of experience...

Deborah Carlin

Environment and Sustainability Intern | Dublin
Muhlenberg College
18 April 2016

Choosing to go abroad was one of the best decisions I ever made, and Dublin was the perfect place to do it. I was very nervous about being so far from home, but adjusting to life in Dublin wasn’t difficult at all! Everyday I would discover new things about the city and about Irish culture that made me realize how special of a place Dublin is, and how lucky I...

Hanna Hard

Environment Intern | Dublin
University of Arizona
21 October 2015

What to say about my experience in Dublin? Honestly, I was scared to write this testimonial because it isn't possible to convey in words how magical my summer was. Upon my arrival in Dublin, I was nervous: what would my roommates be like? Would my job be hard? Too easy? How is the food? Would I get homesick? -- All of the questions you'd imagine having in a new country,...

Sarah Cuprewich

Environment Intern | Dublin
University of Vermont
5 August 2015

My time in Dublin was simply unforgettable. Connect-123 staff provided opportunities to meet up with other Connect-123 interns, but it was also fun to get to know my housemates from all around the world and conquer Dublin’s exciting nightlife together. I formed friendships that I hope will last a lifetime! There was always something fun going on in the city, and spending time in the seemingly endless parks when the...