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Hannah Sprick

Marketing Intern | Buenos Aires
College of Charleston
15 August 2013

With the help of Connect-123, I was able to spend the best summer of my life in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The local program organizers were incredibly helpful, and made sure I felt welcome in my new environment from the moment I arrived. They helped me find a wonderful apartment in a great location, and matched me up with an amazing internship. For three months, I had the privilege of working with a cross-cultural consulting firm as a translator and social media manager. It was a start-up company, and the assignments I completed were challenging but incredibly rewarding. Besides my professional experience, I also had a fantastic time learning about the culture and traditions of Argentina, participating in a variety of local festivals and traveling to several different cities. Our advisers also planned a variety of fun events that allowed me to meet other people in the program, several of whom have become my closest friends. I was very sad when the time came for me to depart, but I was also thankful that my experience with Connect opened my eyes to the possibility of living and working abroad in the future. All in all, I had a phenomenal time as a Connect-123 intern and would highly recommend this program to anyone who would like to gain international work experience.

Internships in Buenos Aires

Jessica DeFinis

Nursing Intern | Buenos Aires
Northeastern University
1 August 2013

Ever since I started learning Spanish I wanted to travel and work in a Spanish speaking country. Connect-123 allowed me to realize one of my life long dreams. I spent two months working as a nurse in a public hospital in Buenos Aires. The welcoming and inclusive atmosphere was beyond anything I expected. My co-workers and nurse manager immediately welcomed me to the floor and gave me as much responsibility as any other practicing nurse. The experience I gained was unparalleled to anything I could have found in the states. One of my co-workers became one of my closest friends in Buenos Aires. In addition to an amazing professional growth experience, the Connect-123 program was a great resource for meeting other Americans while I was so far from home. During my first few days in the city Connect organized at event near my apartment so I could meet the people who were about to become very close friends. My time in Buenos Aires was life changing and I would absolutely do it again.

Internships in Buenos Aires

Payal Antala

Physical Therapy Intern | Buenos Aires
Northeastern University
2 July 2013

I was able to spend the past 3 months in Buenos Aires doing an internship for school credit. I came to Argentina to practice Spanish and do a physical therapy internship, but I left with an experience of a lifetime. I worked at a day care/clinic that worked with kids that had different neurological disorders. The people I had the pleasure of working with were incredibly helpful and patient and the kids were a joy to work with. The internship included a variety of tasks, it was not totally physical therapy oriented, but I was able to learn a great deal and a broader understanding of this field of PT. My daily tasks included prepping the kids for the day, assisting in the daily activity, feeding the kids, brushing their teeth, prepping them for a nap, and any general assistance I could provide. Connect was great at setting me up with this internship and helped me with any issues I encountered during my time there. Connect was also how I met most of my friends in Buenos Aires, many of which I know I will remain in touch with. Thanks to Buenos Aires and Conenct, I had a great work opportunity and a cultural experience I will never forget.

Internships in Buenos Aires

Moses Rodriguez

Sports Management and Marketing Intern | Buenos Aires
Eastern Washington University
31 May 2013

Traveling to different areas in the world has always been something I’ve wanted to do. As I entered my final quarter of undergrad, I thought it would be a great idea to complete an international internship because it would allow me to stay another country but at the same time get some much needed work experience in my field of study. So that’s exactly what I did. I completed my international internship in Buenos Aires, Argentina. First off, there is just so much going on Buenos Aires that it’s almost impossible to ever get bored. Another thing to point out about this city, is that it has a lot of amazing buildings. Finally, the people here are very passionate about sports, especially fútbol, which is something I really admire because I am a big sports fan as well. The business I interned for put together weekly indoor fútbol matches of 5-on-5. I was brought on to help them with both IT and marketing tasks. In addition, assisting them in organizing/managing the weekly games, social events, and tournaments. I am so glad that I was presented with this internship because I got to meet so many astonishing individuals from all over the world who would participate in the weekly games and attend the events. Lastly, my co-workers were down to earth and outgoing which made every day at work fun and interesting. I would highly recommend Connect-123 because it’s affordable and they found me the exact internship I wanted. Further, the Connect-123 staff made sure to keep in touch with me during my time in Buenos Aires and assisted me in resolving a few issues that I encountered. Thanks, once again Connect-123 for everything and for being a big part of why I had an extraordinary 4 months abroad.

Internships in Buenos Aires

Alina Oboloska

Business Intern | Buenos Aires
Sorbonne University
15 May 2013

I have always had a special attraction for Latin American culture and my childhood dream was to discover it. This was the reason why I wanted Buenos Aires to be my internship destination. I am so grateful to Connect-123 team for making my dream come true! First of all I would like to thank them for finding a perfect internship for me. I had an amazing opportunity to work in a company that develops business projects between Argentina and South Africa. Connect-123 introduced me to other internship members and helped me to find an accommodation in the nicest area of Buenos Aires. Thanks to the perfect organization and permanent support of Connect-123 team I felt like home in this amazing country-Argentina. It was an unforgettable human and professional experience that I will never forget and that I highly recommend to anyone. You're in good hands with the Connect-123!

Internships in Buenos Aires

Katie Binstock

Education Volunteer | Buenos Aires
Syracuse University, Graduate
2 May 2013

For the past four months, I had the opportunity to intern as a summer camp volunteer and assistant english teacher in Buenos Aires, Argentina through Connect-123. Connect-123 provided me with an unforgettable internship experience that certainly exceeded all of my expectations. I sought an internship experience that would enable me to learn more about the education system in a Latin American country and to become fully immersed in the culture and lifestyle, and Connect-123 provided me with just that and more. As an intern at the summer camp, I assisted the teachers, played and interacted with the children, taught the children about American customs and traditions, and learned about Argentinean culture and traditions through educational games and songs. I also had a wonderful experience interning as an assistant english teacher at an elementary school in Buenos Aires. I had the opportunity to work with fourth, fifth and sixth grade students on their language skills one-on-one, helping them to prepare for future English oral exams. I also assisted the teachers in creating lesson plans and leading educational classroom games. The assistance and guidance that I received from the Connect-123 staff before and during my time in Buenos Aires enabled me to truly excel in both of my internship opportunities. One aspect of the program that I truly enjoyed was having the opportunity to meet and get to know the other program volunteers and to learn from each and every one of them. Coming from all different backgrounds, it was a great opportunity to learn and grow together throughout our international internship experiences. I strongly recommend the Connect-123 program to anyone who would like to experience an unforgettable international internship experience, that will not only open doors for your professional future, but will also foster a great deal of personal growth and achievement."

Volunteer in Buenos Aires

Karlayne Powell

Law Intern | Buenos Aires
7 January 2013

This past year I had the opportunity to travel to Argentina to work as a legal intern through Connect-123. My experience with Connect-123 was more than just incredible; not only did they find an extremely hands-on internship, but also a conveniently located apartment, all with exceptional assistance from the program coordinators. I worked in a middle-sized law firm located in the heart of Micro Centro in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The staff was incredibly friendly and accommodating, the hours were flexible and the interns had their own work space, which included a desk and computer. Interns had the ability to work directly with one of the founding partners of the firm; who was willing to put their trust and confidence into the work of the interns. The employer was able to speak English, which is always helpful to those who aren’t well versed in Spanish, but there is also an opportunity to practice Spanish. As an intern, I had the opportunity to participate in conference calls with clients overseas and carry out preliminary depositions with in-office clients. Primarily, I worked on translating by-laws of companies managed by the firm, as well as writing memos and possible proposals for solutions to client’s problems. At times, I was able to go around the city, and view several processes of the Argentine system, such as the notarization and legalization of documents. The apartment I lived in was a fifteen minute bus ride to the internship site, and was off of the main shopping/café street in the Recoleta neighborhood of Buenos Aires. The location was essential because I could walk anywhere and do anything, with access to a variety of buses as well. The best thing for me about Connect-123 was the assistance. Any company may be able to find a job or apartment, but Connect-123 goes a bit further. My coordinators were so helpful; from getting settled, to figuring out where to buy bus passes, no issue was too small for them to handle. In addition to visiting other parts of the city, and having different night activities, the coordinators also gave guidance on upcoming attractions in Buenos Aires each month. Connect-123 allowed me to have a unique experience without the hassle and worries of finding a legitimate internship with substance and a non-shady apartment with sincere roommates.

Internships in Buenos Aires

Vanessa Gonzalez

Microfinance Intern | Buenos Aires
Bryn Mawr College
3 September 2012

After spending two months in Buenos Aires, I absolutely fell in love with it – and the assistance I was given by Connect-123 at all times contributed immensely to that. On the one hand, living in the capital of Argentina did not feel that foreign to me. I was born and raised in southern Brazil, and there were quite a few things I shared with the porteños beside a passion for mate and soccer. On the other hand, I would have not expected working there to be anything less than challenging. Whereas I was thrilled to do a microfinance internship with an amazing local NGO, I knew I needed to work very hard to get the most out of my experience -- I was in a different country, had to speak a different language and feared the long journey I had ahead. However, I was glad to be in touch with the right people. Having Connect-123 to rely on was fundamental for me to make new friends, share experiences with a group of interns from all around the world, and feel at home in Buenos Aires. During my internship, the NGO I worked with gave me the opportunity to learn about its microcredit programs, which assisted low-income families in the greater Buenos Aires area. My workmates were very kind, patient and welcoming, and some of my duties included interviewing women interested in applying for microloans; offering assistance during training sessions; and discussing investment strategies with local entrepreneurs. I also had to communicate exclusively in Spanish, which turned out to be a fun and rewarding experience. Argentina gave me the chance to learn much about myself and my role as a professional and a global citizen, and these are lessons I will never forget. As I look back, I feel grateful for everything I learned over the past summer and better prepared to build on my knowledge about economic development as a set of tools used to fight poverty.

Internships in Buenos Aires

Sophie Green

Public Policy Intern | Buenos Aires
University of Sydney, Australia
26 August 2012

I worked with an NGO in Buenos Aires that specialized in Corporate Social Responsibility. The knowledge and experience that I gained during my internship was completely invaluable. The city itself was incredible. The nightlife, cafes and cultural activities including salsa and winetasting really added to my experience. But more than anything the people that I met really made my time in Buenos Aires.

Internships in Buenos Aires

Nick Boccardi

University of Pennsylvania | Buenos Aires
Business Intern
13 August 2012

I could not have been more satisfied with my abroad experience.  When I reflect on everything I’ve accomplished in just two months, it is amazing how much I’ve grown personally and professionally through the Connect-123 program.

What sold me on Connect-123 was the flexibility of their program.  They truly build the experience from the ground up around your needs.  I knew my needs and desires were very specific: I wanted to intern only for June and July while testing my Spanish abilities in a practical environment rather than a classroom setting.  Other companies I considered made me feel like I had to sacrifice something, but with Connect-123 I didn’t have to sacrifice anything. I was very honest with the staff about what I wanted to get out of the experience, and the staff made a genuine effort to get to know me and my needs.  As a result, I was placed with both a homestay family and internship that fit my needs perfectly and made me feel right at home.  The family I stayed with adopted me as one of their own and included me in their social plans.

In Buenos Aires, I worked with a venture capital firm doing marketing research and competitive analyses on new markets.  Because the office was intimate, I never felt out of place, and if I ever had questions, I was never afraid to ask.  My coworkers were friendly, patient, and willing to teach me anything they could about the industry and what they did within the company.  Not only did I learn so much from my coworkers, but I also felt the impact of my day to day work contribution, within the company.

Interacting with other program participants is another highlight of the program.  Connect-123 participants are diverse in every sense of the word, and it was a pleasure to spend two months with them.  I’ve made new friends from all over the world, all of whom had different reasons for being in Buenos Aires.  Everyone took advantage of the city however they wanted.  I’ve met people who were pursing undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees, and were in between jobs and traveling, and there was so much to learn from all of them.

The Connect-123 support system is very strong.  After my initial phone call with Katie, I felt like she understood me well and that I was in good hands.  She walked me through every step of the process and made planning my trip very easy.  During the trip, I asked Paula for recommendations on how to plan my trips to Iguazu Falls and Colonia, Uruguay.  With the information she gave me, the trips basically planned themselves (thanks, Paula!! =D).  Weekly Connect-123 events also help bring program participants together while getting to know the city and Argentine culture.  The program is very well organized and is very open to feedback and suggestions.

Just want to give a special thanks to Katie, Paula, and Vanessa for all of their help in making my abroad experience better than I could have ever imagined!

Internships in Buenos Aires

Michelle Cunningham

Social Work Intern | Buenos Aires
Emporia State University
5 August 2012

From the moment Connect-123 called me, I knew I was going to go with them. The staff worked hard to find me an internship that would fit my preferences. I had 2 goals, to learn as much Spanish as possible and to intern in the field of neuropsychology. Oh, and a third goal to check the Iguazu Falls off my bucket list. Done!! On May 29th, I left home and flew to Buenos Aires. My advisor from Connect-123 met me at my apartment after I arrived and talked with me about the city, transportation, safety, gave me a phone and set me up with loads of important information to help ease the transition from home to Buenos Aires. One thing different about traveling to Buenos Aires this summer was that I was going alone. I left my job, my family, my cats, my dog and even my fiancé (we had just gotten engaged 2 months before!). This was something new. This was something I was doing specifically for myself. My internship was great! I interacted with patients and professionals in my field and was able to ask questions and work on my Spanish! The icing on the cake was when I met the psychiatrist at my organization who had been an intern in the United States with a neuropsychologist. Not only do I now have connections in Argentina, I also have a connection in Buffalo, NY too! Connect-123 was great too! They were available to give advice, help with any issues including providing information on where my visiting family could stay to what to do when I travelled. Although I was alone, I was comforted by the new people I met at my internship, the family I stayed with, and the people at Connect-123. For anyone thinking about going abroad, my advice is DO IT! These opportunities don’t come along every day and your life will be changed for the better if you can allow yourself to be changed by such an incredible experience!

Internships in Buenos Aires

Karla Trevino

Social Work Intern | Buenos Aires
University of North Texas
30 July 2012

After spending two months in Buenos Aires and with Connect-123, I am really happy with my time spent there. The city is full of life and there is always something new to do. Learning public transportation was a challenge of its own, but I am happy to say I mildly, have mastered it. The opportunity provided allowed me to work somewhere I loved, and to meet great new people. My Spanish has improved and I have also learned a lot about myself and the wonderful world we live in along the way!

Internships in Buenos Aires

Lara Sepulveda Machado

Economic Development Intern | Buenos Aires
Seattle University
12 March 2012

I interned with Connect-123 in Buenos Aires for 10 weeks in a micro-finance non-profit organization. My internship was exactly what I was looking for and if otherwise, it wouldn’t have made my stay in vibrant Buenos Aires the same. The city has so much to offer that you are constantly finding yourself outside meeting new people and visiting new places. As for Connect-123 services, I can only say good things about it. What impressed me the most was Connect’s ability to truly listen to my needs and interests. They successfully placed me with a great organization and an amicable apartment in which I was living with other Connect interns. Their services are very personalized, which facilitates your assimilation process in the city. They are available for pretty much anything you need, and their weekly newsletters provide a great insight of cultural events, dinning experiences or simply a get together where you meet the rest of the Connect-123 family (meaning other interns).

Internships in Buenos Aires

Melis Eda Ekmekci

Design Intern | Buenos Aires
The Art Institute of Ford Lauderdale
27 January 2012

I don't know where to start explaining my experience in Buenos Aires. I had an amazing two months in a great city with amazing people and employers. Connect-123 helped me with everything whenever I needed! Finding me an apartment in a great location, an amazing brand marketing internship, I study graphic design, and suggesting great places and restaurants. Also giving me such useful information when I traveled, outside of Buenos Aires and the city by itself is just so amazing! It's full of friendly people, super delicious food, heaven for steak and wine lovers like me. With the help of Connect-123, I got to experience a lot of things just in two months. I traveled to Uruguay, Iguazu and Mendoza, I got to go to Copa America, watching both the quarter final and the final game, I took tango classes, I went to wine tastings and I also went to play polo and many other things. Basically, I had an amazing experience that I will never forget - the friends I made, all my traveling and an amazing internship which looks great on my resume with the help of Connect-123.

Internships in Buenos Aires

Shannon Griel

Microfinance Intern | Buenos Aires
Miami University Graduate
2 September 2011

My experience in Buenos Aires, Argentina was truly enjoyable and enlightening.  Connect-123 made the entire process easy, smooth, and rewarding, from finding me an internship in my area of interest, to finding me a great apartment in Buenos Aires.  My journey was 4 months long, and I spent 3 months interning at a local Economic Development NGO, learning about the world of micro-finance and infrastructure improvements in the impoverished provinces outside the city.  The work experience was exactly what I had hoped for, and the NGO was so welcoming to all of the interns, as well as genuinely committed to fostering an environment of mutual learning and progress. Outside of working, Connect-123 was a stable part of my life down in Buenos Aires - I knew I could count on them to respond to any questions I had about the city, my apartment, traveling, etc.  I definitely took advantage of the great social events that Connect-123 coordinated during the time I was down there, and met some wonderful people from all over the US who shared similar interests of learning, exploring, and traveling in a foreign country.  I would definitely recommend Connect-123 to anyone who wants a work or volunteer experience abroad!

Internships in Buenos Aires

Isaiah Leiva

Film Intern | Buenos Aires
Northwest Film Center
22 August 2011

My experience in Buenos Aires was one that I will never forget. The people of the Connect-123 program: Daniela, Vanesa, Katie and Lea were all extremely helpful and polite when it came to getting around the city and learning about cool and fun new things to do in Argentina and they were fun to hang out with. I would say what I loved most about my entire experience down there was meeting new people. I met amazing people that I will remember for the rest of my life and I can now officially say I have friends from different countries, yes! The Connect-123 events were great as they really helped me loosen up and relax when it came to being introduced to a big city, in which I knew absolutely no one. One piece of advice I would give to the Connect-123 traveller would be to go to these events if you are feeling a bit homesick. All in all, the Connect-123 experience in Buenos Aires was an amazing one I will never forget.

Internships in Buenos Aires

Sara Khodair

Medical Volunteer | Buenos Aires
Cairo University
29 March 2011

I spent a little over a month in Buenos Aires. By far that has been one of the best experiences yet. The city is absolutely beautiful. The people were amazing. There was always something to do. I thought the volunteer program was lots of fun. I'm very grateful for Connect-123. Best summer ever.

Internships in Buenos Aires

Shelby Pals

Business Consulting Intern | Buenos Aires
Southern Illinois-Carbonale University
23 November 2010

I interned through Connect-123 in Buenos Aires, Argentina for two months. It truly was one of the best experiences of my life. Buenos Aires is one of the most vibrant cities I have ever lived in. It seems a bit intimidating at first, but after the initial shock the city welcomes you as part of itself. All the advisors at Connect-123 were very helpful and always wanted you to experience all that you could while living in Buenos Aires. They provide everything that you may need while abroad such as maps, phones, and most importantly advice and guidance. Everyone is warm and friendly and are always just a phone call away. They truly care about their students and interns and I believe with Connect-123 you are in good hands. My internship was a great working experience. They placed me with a Spanish school and it was a perfect match. The people, environment, and job itself were just what I was looking for in an internship. I would gladly and strongly recommend Connect-123 for anyone looking for a great cultural experience.

Internships in Buenos Aires

Jackie Laplant

Medical Volunteer | Buenos Aires
Tulane University, Graduate
23 November 2010

Volunteering in Buenos Aires through Connect-123 not only provided me with one of the best experiences of my life but also confirmed my passion for medicine. My internship was with a non profit HIV/AIDS foundation where I was given the opportunity to volunteer in the Infectious Diseases Department of the hospital, as well as a Children’s Home. I primarily assisted with organizing medical histories, distribution of HIV/AIDS supplies and any other needs of the department to ensure that each day ran smoothly. Observing and participating in a medical environment in another country served to further enhance my desire to enter the medical profession and serve a diverse community in the future. Outside of work I was able to immerse myself in a new and vibrant culture. Connect-123 helped to organize events throughout the month including bike rides, futbol games and tango lessons. This was extremely helpful in the transition to such a large city and allowed program participants to meet each other and discuss their placements. From the outrageous futbol fans to the wonderful meals I feel as though Buenos Aires has become a part of me. I recommend to anyone interested in medicine or exploring a new culture to do an internship in Buenos Aires through Connect-123. I already know that I will be returning to Buenos Aires in the near future.

Internships in Buenos Aires

Jay Lanners

Business Intern | Buenos Aires
Davidson College
14 September 2010

My internship and time spent in Buenos Aires exceeded my expectations. I got the valuable work experience I needed, and the internship certainly helps differentiate my resume. In fact, my internship in Buenos Aires helped me gain pre-admission to IESE, one of the world’s top MBA programs, through the Young Talent Program. In addition, the Connect-123 employees were incredibly helpful and personable. They really care about matching you up with the right internship and housing and making sure that you are having a good time while living in Buenos Aires. It was a great way to spend two months of my summer. I improved my Spanish, got good work experience, made great friends from many different countries, lived in an exciting city, and got a chance to travel to some amazing places.

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