Engineering Internships in Barcelona

Engineering work and hands-on go “hand-in-hand”. And the opportunities for hands-on, international, engineering experiences in Barcelona do not disappoint. This city is ripe with consultancy agencies, small private firms, research institutes, and software companies. Past interns have enjoyed working on projects in the pharmaceutical and medical technologies fields. Or hone in on your applied physics and materials engineering skills for a dynamic internship in nanotechnology.

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Domenico Dimatteo

Mechanical Engineering Intern | Barcelona
Temple University

Throughout the duration of my time abroad I met a lot of different people and made friendships that I know will last a lifetime. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work for a startup in Barcelona, Spain. Overall, I am extremely grateful to have had an internship abroad for it has expanded my perspective on the world.

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Tyler Yang

Biomedical Engineering Intern | Barcelona
Drexel University

I've wanted to work abroad since I started studying at university, but had always lacked the foresight and planning to be comfortable with spending an extended period overseas. Connect-123 provided me with help in all of these areas; quickly providing job offers, housing availability and all sorts of resources for living in comfort.

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Sebastian Carta

Engineering Intern | Barcelona
Drexel University

My Connect-123 experience brought me to two cities: Barcelona, Spain and Dublin, Ireland. My Barcelona experience was one of the most memorable of my life. My internship was in engineering and was very relevant to both my academic and professional goals.

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