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There is a wonderful saying, ‘Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer!’ South Africa is a country with many challenges in the education sector and Cape Town is no exception. Connect-123’s well-established network of organizations and schools have meaningful projects for international education and teaching volunteers and a keen appreciation of how these volunteers can help them reach their objectives. Teaching opportunities in Cape Town include hands-on teaching and mentoring roles as well as ways to volunteer your research, advocacy and fund-raising skills in the name of education.

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Roobini Daley

Education Volunteer | Cape Town
National University of Singapore
5 August 2016
My internship in Cape Town was definitely a unique experience that required me to step out of my comfort zones. The pick-up, welcome pack and orientation really helped me get settled into the different environment. The teaching internship was really different ...

Jenny Reader

Teaching Volunteer | Cape Town
Canterbury Christ Church University, UK, Graduate
30 May 2012
I recently spent two months on a volunteering program in South Africa, organised by Connect-123. I can honestly say it was an amazing, once in a lifetime experience which I would recommend to anyone!I spent my time there working in a Primary School and wit...

Laura McFee

Teaching Volunteer | Cape Town
Quinnipac University
9 September 2011
The two months I spent in Cape Town through Connect-123 were simply incredible. It’s impossible to describe how much I learned about myself and how much I gained from volunteering in only a few paragraphs. Melanie set me up with a primary school where I volu...

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