Youth Development and Sports Volunteer Programs in Cape Town

Cape Town is home to many rewarding opportunities to work in a volunteer capacity with young people. With initiatives such as life skills workshops, HIV/Aids awareness programs, and sports coaching as a means of peer-to-peer training, local nonprofits and schools aim to build up the confidence and competence of the young people they are working with. Many children and adolescents in South Africa face massive challenges in their day to day lives – from poverty and hunger, to an inadequate education system and little access to skills development and employment opportunities. Working within structures established by local organizations, international youth development and sports volunteers can be confident that their investment of time, energy and enthusiasm will have a significant impact.

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Zakiya Atkinson

Youth Development Volunteer | Cape Town
New York University, Graduate
26 September 2012
Connect-123 gave me just the connection I was looking for. As an artist, educator, and writer, I was seeking an opportunity to expand my mission of arts outreach and social development for underserved youth.  I opted to travel to Cape Town, South Africa and i...

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