Emily Mayfield

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
Dickinson College
12 June 2017

My three months in Cape Town were the best of my life thus far. As a transfer student taking a gap year, I wanted a rewarding internship experience overseas where I would not only learn a lot about the culture of the country I was living in, but also about myself. Connect-123 set me up with a fantastic internship at an LGBTI non-governmental organization. There, I conducted research on hate crimes legislation and post-rape care and learned about the South African government and how NGOs play an important role in getting legislation passed. I became more educated on South African politics and was even given the opportunity to attend a meeting at Parliament. My coworkers were great, and I became good friends with the other intern I worked with. When I was not working, I was soaking in all the amazing activities Cape Town has to offer. During my three months there, I sky-dived, bungee jumped off the highest bungee bridge in the world, snorkeled with seals, went surfing in the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, went paragliding, hiked mountains, canoed through a national park, went zip-lining, explored the beautiful Garden Route, went on safaris, relaxed on the beach, went on wine tours, and had a blast at several concerts. Connect-123 also organized events, including going to a rugby game, cooking a meal with other interns, eating at a restaurant in Bo-Kaap, taking a sunset cruise, and volunteering at a soup kitchen. Connect-123 did a great job checking in to make sure I was happy at my internship and in Cape Town. They were always there if I had a question or needed something in my apartment fixed. They also made great recommendations for things to do in South Africa and they really helped me make the most of my time there. The other interns with Connect-123 were some of the coolest people I’ve ever met. I definitely developed lifelong friendships and I am already planning future trips with my Connect-123 friends. If you are looking for a meaningful internship experience in one of the greatest cities in the world, I highly recommend looking into Connect-123’s Cape Town program. You will not regret it!

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Ima B

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
Pennsylvania State University
14 September 2023

Reflecting on my time in Cape Town and the amazing opportunities that Connect-123 provided, I can proudly say that coming here has been the best decision I have made during my time at Penn State. From the instant I set foot in this amazing country, every single person has made me feel welcomed and loved! Regarding my internship, my placement was an absolute game-changer. Not only for my personal growth...

Sam G

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
Carleton College
24 August 2022

I had a really wonderful time in Cape Town doing an 8-week internship at a human rights organization. Going into my experience, I was a little uncertain about what exactly I wanted to do, and which organizations I would be comfortable working with. Connect-123 did a really excellent job of listening to my ideas and hesitations and linked me with a really incredible organization. All of my peers also really...

Alex Woodward

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
Washington and Lee University
23 July 2019

My time in Cape Town has been incredible. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the events and excursions put on by Connect-123, as well as the independent exploration I have been able to do. Life has such ease in Cape Town. My internship was incredible and I have come to love all of my co-workers. I highly suggest stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things. From foods...

Emily Heiser

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
St Joseph's College
10 May 2019

I will always look back on my time in Cape Town as a very special time in my life, and I owe it all to Connect-123! I had just graduated and wanted to travel abroad somewhere for a while but also build up my experience in my studied field. I heard good things about Connect-123 from my friend and decided to apply. The people at Connect-123 were very responsive during...

Allysa Miller

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
Salisbury University
9 April 2019

After graduating I wanted to travel and explore the world while gaining experience in my field of psychology. I decided the best way to do so was through an internship. After doing extensive research I found Connect-123 and they helped link me with the perfect internship opportunity working for an NPO in Cape Town. I worked with refugees, asylum seekers, and South African citizens helping them find job opportunities and...

Mallory Slavin

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
Michigan State University
2 April 2019

I spent three months interning in Cape Town, South Africa, and it will forever be some of the best months of my life. I gained valuable experience in my field while working for a human rights organization and in the South African Parliament, all while experiencing the unique culture of South Africa and making lifelong friends! Looking for internships is hard, and I didn’t even know where to start after...

Austen Zoutewelle

Human Rights intern | Cape Town
University of Texas at Austin
30 March 2018

Three themes emerged in my life while in South Africa: embracing adventure, exploring culture, and absorbing information. First and foremost, living in such a naturally beautiful place provided a playground in my backyard. Each day I could find a novel, fun experience, like hiking Lion's Head to see the sunrise, choosing whether to run along the Indian or Atlantic Ocean or taking a drive out to Chapman's Peak. Intentionally capitalizing...

Sophia Nelson

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
Drexel University
7 November 2017

Cape Town is an amazing place with an incredible, important history; it should definitely be on everyone’s bucket lists! I was able go on such amazing adventures, including a safari, wine tasting, sky diving, shark cage diving, and beautiful hikes. The city has delicious food, too. I ate at a few different markets and so many cool restaurants, all with unique atmospheres and aesthetics. I got to work with an...

Maggie Crowell

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
Washington and Lee University
4 August 2017

Picture this: a stunning, palm-lined coastal city that bustles in the shadow of Table Mountain -- a city filled with diverse culture and friendly people. Then, add a knowledgeable team of individuals dedicated to assisting you with everything, from finding the perfect weekend brunch spot to sourcing the best guide for a Cape of Good Hope tour with penguins. You're looking at an internship in Cape Town with Connect-123, and if...

Maria Spano

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
King's College London
19 July 2017

I came to South Africa, Cape Town more specifically, to have a direct vision of the reality of a country which underwent recent internal struggle. Being interested in political risk and emergency and conflict situations, I decided that a country like South Africa was the place for me to be in. I wanted to have an unbiased view of the everyday life of the population, their way of thinking and...

Adriana De Lucio

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
Northeastern University
1 December 2016

At the end of 2015, I accepted the exciting opportunity to do an internship abroad at a nonprofit geared towards promoting women’s rights in an unfamiliar location—Cape Town, South Africa. While I was a little nervous about traveling outside of my comfort zone, I knew this would be an unforgettable experience; so, in late January of 2016, I left my home in Washington, D.C. for the Mother City. For five...

Christine Oswald

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
Ohio State University
10 October 2016

The summer I spent in Cape Town was a life changing experience. I made life-long friends and grew so much as a person. I was able to intern with a fantastic organization that does aid work in townships throughout South Africa. Not only did my coworkers treat me like family but the internship allowed me to see a side of Cape Town that a typical tourist would not have been...

Tess Freydberg

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
University of Texas at Austin
21 October 2015

After graduating college, I knew that I wanted to travel and gain more life and work experience before finding a full time job. I’ve done a lot of traveling but chose Cape Town because it seemed so different from everywhere else I’ve been. Connect-123 helped set me up with the perfect internship and made sure I felt comfortable while I was here. I worked at a Women’s Education and Training...

Andre Hage

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
Michigan State University
4 September 2015

It is not an exaggeration to say that spending time in Cape Town was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I could never have imagined the amount of perspective that I would gain in my two and a half months in South Africa. In addition to being a fantastic chance to meet new people and friends, it was also a humbling experience, as my internship in...

Tory Scordato

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
Washington University in St. Louis
1 August 2015

Interning in Cape Town through Connect-123’s program has been absolutely wonderful! After interning through Connect in Dublin and having a great time, Connect-123 was the first program I looked at for an internship this summer. All the Connect staff I’ve worked with have been so friendly and have always gone above and beyond to help me with anything I need, from local restaurant suggestions all the way to fixing the...

James Sapali

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
Malmo University, Sweden
31 January 2015

My name is James Sapali, a student of Masters Programme in International Migration and Ethnic Relations at the Malmö University in Sweden. Actually I have acquired different philosophies and theories about the current international developments, the effect of globalisation and human mobility, issues of inclusion and exclusion of immigrants, majority-minority relations in diverse and complex society. It was my dream to do an internship during my third semester and the...

Taylor Nelson

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
Salem University
10 December 2014

I knew I wanted to come to Cape Town a year and half before I started my internship. I came across Connect when I was searching for a study abroad program. Connect-123 was the only organization I found that seemed like it'd work out for me. I knew I wanted to go into the field of human rights and I knew that I couldn’t spend a lot of money. Also...

Anna Lim

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
National University of Singapore
24 November 2014

Choosing Cape Town for my overseas internship was the best decision I’ve made. I was filled with trepidation before arriving, mostly because of the impression of South Africa as somewhat unsafe and dangerous. Yet Cape Town exceeded my expectations by a mile. This is a place with a rich culture, breathtaking scenery, friendly locals and much more. Connect-123 did a good job arranging my internship, accommodation and facilitating my stay...

Falihah Anisah

Public Policy Intern | Cape Town
National University of Singapore
18 August 2014

Spending my first overseas internship in Cape Town for three months was amazing, and honestly I couldn't have chosen a better place. Cape Town, or South Africa generally, is rich with culture and diversity and had so much to offer to the interns. It was undoubtedly the best environment to grow personally and professionally. The process prior to this was straightforward and simple, and Connect-123 facilitated everything very well, being...

Sangeeta Sharmin

Law Intern | Cape Town
The Australian National University
30 April 2013

If you’re reading this and considering doing an internship with Connect123 in Cape Town…definitely do it! I had an amazing and unforgettable experience in Cape Town, both from a personal and professional perspective. My internship exceeded all of my expectations and I strongly recommend others to take the chance. I worked at a human rights law firm that specialized in refugee law, constitutional issues, gender violence and land law to...

Bradley Wilson

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
Colorado School of Mines
27 September 2012

My time in Cape Town, South Africa was a fantastic experience that I will remember fondly for the rest of my life. Working the the human rights sector, I was able to be an active part of helping local communities work through the ongoing issues of xenophobia, racism, and equality. Over my two months in Cape Town I gained comprehensive human rights education, a broader understanding of African culture, insight...

Audra Richards

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
Northeastern University
25 September 2012

It's difficult to find words to explain my Cape Town experience. It was life-changing, enlightening, and truly the best five months of my life. My internship was more than I could have hoped for. I didn't imagine that I would be attending Parliament sessions, meeting ambassadors, and interacting with Members of Parliament. I also gained invaluable research skills, critical writing skills, and knowledge on pan-African and global issues through my...

Daniela Juzl

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
Michigan State University
19 September 2012

Interning in Cape Town was definitely the best decision I have ever made! It was a life changing experience, not only did I learn at my internship and strengthen my professional resume, but I also enjoyed a cosmopolitan and multicultural experience offered by this amazing city! Through Connect-123 I was able to secure a great internship in an organization of my choosing, which helped me gain hands on experience in...

Sarah Lucey

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
Northeastern University
19 June 2012

My time in Cape Town was life changing. I had a lot of wonderful experiences around the city and the beautiful country of South Africa. In my free time I went skydiving, surfing, wine tasting, hiking and so much more. My most rewarding of activities however was my internship at a human rights organisation, working in the Education Programme. I worked with a really great team of social workers, programme...

Nathan Seef

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
York University, Canada
2 September 2011

I knew going into my senior year I wanted to do an internship abroad to gain experience in the human rights sector. Choosing to go with Connect-123 to Cape Town, South Africa, as a human rights intern for two months made this decision easily the best I have ever made. I can’t say enough good things about my experience working towards and in Cape Town. Connect-123 made the pre-trip process...

Patrick Corcoran

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
International Affairs, New School University
5 August 2011

I worked with former President FW de Klerk at his foundation: FW de Klerk Foundation and the Center for Constitutional Rights. I worked side by side with South African scholars who sought to ensure the Constitution was respected by all levels of government and that all minorities within South Africa were treated fairly under the law. Some of the major issues the Foundation focuses on include: Affirmative Action or Cadre...

Francesca Pastore

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
University of Torino, Italy
24 May 2011

I am an italian student and I came to Cape Town to volunteer at a refugee NGO in the city bowl! I was a bit afraid when I first arrived in Cape Town, because I expected a completely different environment and I didn’t know what I should expect from my day to day life.  But fortunately my experience was amazing, thanks also to the marvellous staff of connect-123 that welcomed...

Segolene Savoye de Puineuf

Human Rights Intern | internships in cape town
University of Nottingham Graduate
12 May 2011

I just got back from 6 months in the beautiful Cape Town and one thing is sure I would not mind going back tomorrow. During that time I was an intern at a National Human Rights Institution constitutionally mandated to promote respect for, observance of and protection of human rights in South Africa. I worked on different reports, attended Parliament meetings and conducted a survey with refugees and people from...

Shamsa Suleiman

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
University of Wales
2 May 2011

The experience I had with Connect-123 and the human rights organisation where I worked will be something that I will remember for as long as I live!! Despite working five days a week and volunteering to teach in Gugulethu on Saturdays I still managed to surf, bungee jump, hike Table Mountain, swim, learn Xhosa, go to the World Cup matches, facilitate human rights workshops and tour the city. I learnt...

Rebecca Sloan

| Cape Town
Refugee Rights Intern
25 November 2010

My name is Rebecca Sloan and I was in Cape Town with Connect from the beginning of May to the end of August 2010.  It was an amazing experience that I will never forget.  I met some incredible people and saw things that I couldn’t even imagine.  Cape Town is the city with endless possibilities and things to do.  You definitely have to go to Camps Bay, drive the coast,...

Elizabeth Tswana

Gender Rights Intern | Cape Town
University of Zimbabwe, Graduate
22 November 2010

My time at a gender advocacy organisation was amazing because I sharpened my research, communication and networking skills. I really wish I could have extended my stay because there was so much to learn. The staff were very friendly and the Connect-123 team were always ready to help. I personally volunteered soon after graduating because I wanted to gain relevant working experience in something I am passionate about. If you...

Marni Salmon

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
Emory University, Graduate
16 October 2010

I don’t think there are words that can adequately describe my experience in Cape Town. I’ve heard people talk about “life-altering” experiences, and my internship with Connect-123 gave me mine. The work I did over the course of my three-month internship will play a defining role in my professional life. Working in Cape Town not only gave me the opportunity to be a part of an incredible, grassroots civic education...

Steve Hopwood

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
University of Oklahoma
26 September 2010

I came to the refugee center in Cape Town expecting to be around every type of person this world has to offer. My goal was just to have overseas experience to have on my cv. I got so much more out of my volunteer experience than simple overseas experience. At the refugee center you sharpen communication skills, research skills, networking skills and gain friends. The best part for me was...

Brad O' Neil

Human Rights Intern | internships in cape town
Michigan State University
21 September 2010

I came to Cape Town not knowing what to expect. What I experienced, however, far exceeded any expectations I could have had. Connect-123 not only places individuals in internships that suit their unique interests, they constantly strive to provide their interns with as broad a perspective of Cape Town as they can. From organizing day trips to popular tourist destinations and local events to providing a constant flow of volunteer...

Adam Hewson

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
University of Guelp
11 September 2010

Oh how the time flies… It’s been a whole two months since I first walked in the doors of my internship with a refugee advocacy organisation, and on that day I had no idea what kind of a job I was getting into. The first big surprise which I encountered here was how much I was turned to for my knowledge and experience. In Canada, an intern is essentially the...

David Hakan Bjornhage

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
The Graduate Institute of International & Development Studies, Geneva
27 July 2010

Currently in Geneva, Switzerland and contemplating and gathering my thoughts concerning my stay in South Africa and my work at the refugee centre. Almost 6 months have passed since my arrival in Cape Town in February 2010 and it is a bit hard to believe that time can have passed by so quickly. When I now look back to what I’ve learned and experienced there are a few things I...

Caroline Stone

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
University of Southern California, Graduate
23 July 2010

Everyday I wake up and miss Cape Town. I miss the adventures I had and the people I met. I loved the last few weeks I had travelling throughout Africa. I was with Overlanding Africa on my trip through Tanzania and Kenya – everything about it was breathtaking. I now understand what people mean when they say that once you leave Africa a part of you will always feel as...

Persis Eskander

Human Rights Internship | Cape Town
University of New South Wales, Australia
16 July 2010

Before I left for my internship a lot of people were shocked to hear that I was planning on spending three months in Cape Town. They had heard and believed only the negative information that reached them. I know I won’t be the first to proudly dispel your fears (if you have any). South Africa is a beautiful country, full of culture, adventure, and excitement. Cape Town is without a...

Esther Irving

Gender Rights Intern | Cape Town
University of Warwick Masters, United Kingdom
12 July 2010

My time in South Africa was inspiring as I worked government bodies, an advocacy NGO as well as helped run a workshop in an informal settlement while I was there. Despite my short period with Connect-123, they were extremely helpful in all matters and helped make my experience in Cape Town as fulfilling and rewarding as possible. The city is beautiful, the people welcoming and warm and there is so...

Karen Ross

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
University of Central Arkansas
31 March 2010

If you're looking for a program that will not only enhance your resume but also your personal and travel experiences, Connect-123 helps you far surpass these needs. My three months in Cape Town were filled with not only internship work and cultural engagements, but also the formation of life-long connections with co-workers, fellow interns, and locals. I interned at a human rights NGO which allowed me to see and work...

Alli Assiter

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
University of Oklahoma Graduate
18 February 2010

My time in South Africa has changed my life forever. When I signed up with Connect-123 I expected to have a change of scenery and gain another experience to enhance my resume. I did not expect everything else that I gained from this experience. The Connect-123 staff did an excellent job of using my interests and strengths to find me the internship that fitted me perfectly.  I worked with an...

Alyssa Johnson

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
Michigan State University
4 January 2010

I recommend this program for absolutely anyone!  I spent three of the richest and most memorable months of my life interning for a human rights organization just outside of the city.  I was given real work to do that directly related to my University coursework.  My coworkers and the entire Connect team were so welcoming and always made sure I had plenty of activities to keep busy with.  I quickly...

Amanda Palaka

Human Rights | Cape Town
Michigan State University
3 December 2009

My internship experience in Cape Town was incredible and I have the people at Connect- 123 to thank.  The staff was very helpful and did a great job in helping me with preparations prior to my arrival in South Africa. Melanie contacted me several times and helped find me the perfect internship for my interests. The program arranged transportation from the airport, housing and helped answer all my pre-departure questions....

Michelle Beattie

Human Rights Internship | Cape Town
Wilfrid Laurier University
17 November 2009

My time with Connect-123 was one of the best experiences of my life. I was able to gain valuable experience in my area of study and make lasting relationships with other interns. The staff were very helpful and involved, making sure that I was satisfied with my internship and general experience in South Africa. Melanie was especially helpful and was a very important person in making my time in Cape...

Alyssa Thompson-Tucker

Refugee Rights Internship | Cape Town
Bates College
3 March 2009

Finding an internship through Connect-123 made the previously stressful task of finding one myself, instantaneously simple. Directly after inquiring about Connect-123 I was contacted by Steven and shortly thereafter they had found me an internship with a non-profit organization, which fit both my interests and qualifications. Not only was everyone at Connect wonderfully friendly and helpful, but they were also always available if you needed anything. I personally think the...

Crystal Fisher

Human Rights Volunteer | Cape Town
University of South Florida
30 December 2008

Connect-123 works hard to find a great internship that meets all your needs. This was no exception for me. I had the opportunity to work with one of the leading human rights NGOs in the country that gave me hands on experience with the social problems of South Africa. I could see immediate results from the volunteer projects I was asked to lead and the field work I participated in...
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