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Priscilla Somogie

Education Intern | Buenos Aires
Northeastern University
15 March 2015

I have always had a passion for traveling, specifically to Latin America, and after studying abroad in Costa Rica I was hungry for more. Although choosing the country and program wasn't easy, Connect-123 helped make my decision to come to Buenos Aires. Since I had a tough time deciding which internship program to do, Connect-123 provided me with endless options in my field of interest. When I finally settled on working as a physical education teacher at an elementary/middle/highschool, I couldn't have been happier with my decision. Seeing different age groups of children every day and how they interacted not only with me, but also with each other in a different language was truly remarkable. They all made me feel so welcomed and comfortable. Realistically, they made me feel like a celebrity every day when I walked through the front doors at noon, running up to me, jumping on me, kissing and hugging me. It's an indescribable feeling and I wouldn't exchange for the world. Connect-123 made my fourth abroad experience not short of amazing and I am incredibly grateful. My experience was so pivital in my career path that after the 6 month internship, I went back home and finished my degree and immediately came back down to Buenos Aires. When I arrived, members of the staff at Connect-123 reached out again and offered their help. I couldn't have made it to where I am today in Buenos Aires without all the help and support from Connect-123.

Internships in Buenos Aires

Kamille Johnson

Marketing Intern | Buenos Aires
Brown University
10 March 2015

When I began my time in Buenos Aires, Connect was extremely helpful. I knew a bit of Spanish but not enough to feel comfortable wandering about the city alone but Connect held my hand the whole way. I had an internship at a small company, working directly under 2 people, and I cannot overstate how incredible the experience was. I was immediately welcomed into this company, one that can only be described as a big happy family.

I worked on social media campaigns, small design projects, and webinars. They patiently and enthusiastically helped me with my Spanish as they introduced me to the start-up world in Buenos Aires.

Connect was instrumental in making my time in Buenos Aires unforgettable.

Internships in Buenos Aires

Claire Flood

Architecture Intern | Buenos Aires
University of South Australia
27 February 2015

My experience I had in Buenos Aires was truly amazing! Argentina and the internship program both exceeded my expectations. With an architectural background I was wanting to move into the project management area. Connect-123 were able to find a great sustainable firm that met all of my internship requirements. My arrival into Buenos Aires was well organised, meeting with my Connect-123 representative and having all the information and reassurances there made for a smooth transition.

During the internship its self I was so well supported by Connect-123. The option of some fun social events was available also. The great experiences of being able to see the national Argentinean football team play and seeing the local side River Plate win the championship. These tickets in a football crazed nation would not have happened without the help from the Connect-123 team. The friendships I have made and still hold on to have extended past my time in Argentina. I have continued to travel and meet up with friends I made there all over the world. Had the opportunity to meet some amazing people.

Further since Buenos Aires I have gained a fantastic job with a multinational company in Project Management. A true dream job with endless oppurtunities. I do genuinely owe a lot of this new position to the great experience I had in Buenos Aires. I know that the diverse experience and skill development I had was a contributing factor to attaining this position. I would highly recommend the experience of an international internship for both the personal and career development.

Internships in Buenos Aires

Chelsea Casey

Health Care Intern | Buenos Aires
California State University Graduate
30 December 2014

Don't speak Spanish? Is it holding you back from coming to South America? Do you feel like you will not be able to have the same experience with little to no Spanish? Have no fear, I am proof that you will indeed reach the highest level of happiness and satisfaction interning in this beautiful country. Let me first say that when I was thinking about interning abroad I was fearful that my Spanish skills were not advanced enough to survive in a medical setting. Although the first couple days I was still fearful, Connect 123 helped me in ways I cannot thank them enough for. They set me up with a healthcare provider that spoke English who translated for me most the time. I will say, being in this position is not easy but extremely rewarding. Connect set me up with an awesome Spanish learning center that helped me improved my interpersonal skills tremendously! In no time I was able to speak with patients and providers! Aside from the language barrier obstacle, I have to point out that out of all the internships I've done, this internship set me up with a hospital that will forever have a special place in my heart. The amount of love and support the Hospital provided me was something I did not know was possible! They were extremely helpful, teachable, and patient. I met so many wonderful doctors, specialists, and residents who let me assist in procedures, shadow surgeries, consultations, the list goes on! What I brought back to the states was not only new skills and medical knowledge, but excitement and a new found love in healthcare. Connect 123 was so organized, professional, and willing to help whenever I needed them. I will forever be grateful for Connect 123 and the public Hospital. I would do it all over again!

Internships in Buenos Aires

Cindy Tran

Health Care Intern | Buenos Aires
Western University, Canada
24 December 2014

Connect-123 helped me find an opportunity to work in a public hospital working with children. I have never travelled by myself before let alone live in a foreign city for two months! However, the people at Connect-123 were so caring, kind and helpful. They would make sure everything is all set before your arrival, helping you feel comfortable when you arrive and they would also meet up with you during your stay to make sure everything is going ok. They also plan events so you can easily meet other interns/volunteers. The opportunity to work as an intern at the public hospital I worked at was extremely valuable. Though I did know some basic Spanish before my arrival, working at the hospital really forced me to speak/understand Spanish because no one really spoke English. Being able to communicate with patients in Spanish, specifically in a health care setting is so beneficial - I am thankful for this experience. Buenos Aires itself, I miss this city and the people everyday. It really is the Paris of South America. Not only is it a beautiful city with a lot of culture and trust me, a crazy nightlife, you will one way or another become friends with a local and or other people travelling/working/studying abroad from all over the world. It is really nice to have international connections, making friends and memories that will last a lifetime. I would also recommend travelling around Argentina during the weekends! It's a win/win. You gain international work experience and travel when you don't work. My summer in Buenos Aires is the best summer of my life and really changed my life.  

Internships in Buenos Aires

John Sanford

Finance Intern | Buenos Aires
Rhodes College Graduate
23 December 2014

I can only comment positively with regard to the service and personnel provided to me by Connect-123 throughout the entirety of my internship process in Buenos Aires. Katie and Paula are very personable people who not only found me a great internship, but put in the after hours work to make sure that myself and the other interns were comfortable in an unfamiliar city. The experience gained through my time in Argentina has proven to be very useful and is already paying dividends. I would not hesitate to recommend this program to any young professional or student that is interested in advancing their career in an international setting. Connect-123 found me an internship in the mutual fund of an Argentine investment firm located in the heart of the Buenos Aires banking district. Considering the volatility of the Argentine economy, it was an eye opening experience that forced me to stay on my toes and ensured that every day was a new challenge. While I was already proficient in Spanish, the internship expanded my professional vocabulary by introducing me to finance terminology that I otherwise would not have known. The daily research I was doing forced me to stay up to date on the Argentine economy and transformed what was originally a burden into a genuine interest. At my current job, I still find a few minutes each day to check in on the firm’s mutual fund and see if they are making a buck or two. I have chosen a career path other than finance, but the lessons learned from my time in Argentina are still applicable. It was a great experience and I recommend Connect-123.

Internships in Buenos Aires

Henry Ryan

Business Intern | Buenos Aires
Bentley University
22 December 2014

I went to Buenos Aires, Argentina and it was truly a life changing experience. I didn’t even speak spanish and yet it was the best decision I have ever made. Internship: I had an 8 week internship with a start-up company. The process of getting the internship was incredibly easy. I simply spoke with a Connect 123 advisor on the phone, sent my resume to her, and within weeks I was able to align a Skype interview. Over the course of my internship, I was not only able to gain work experience, but I was also able to fully enjoy the culture and social life in Argentina. Argentina: I was pleasantly surprised to find that the city of Buenos Aires was much larger and busier than I had previously expected. With the surplus of bars, clubs, and social events; the only problem with Buenos Aires is that there is too much to do. If partying is important to you, then you will never want to leave. The cuisine is fantastic. Meats, cheese, and fruit are among the Argentine specialties and my personal favorites. From world renowned restaurants to delicious street vendors, I have had some of the best food of my life in Argentina.  Lastly, everyone needs to take trips to Iguazu Falls, Patagonia, and Uruguay or Chile. Connect-123: By far, the best thing about Connect 123 is how helpful the advisors are. When you arrive in Argentina, they give you everything you need to get started. If anything were ever to happen to you, then the Connect 123 administration would be there to help no matter what. My advisor was willing to meet with me wherever and whenever if I ever had any concerns.

Internships in Buenos Aires

Chiyvonne Shennan

Social Work Intern | Buenos Aires
University of Salford Graduate
7 November 2014

I was given the opportunity of a lifetime to intern in one of the most amazing cities I had ever been to, Buenos Aires, I have travelled extensively and have to say that BA is incredible and always something for everyone to do, it is rich with culture and diversity and Connect 123 made this possible. Being a social science student and coming from Manchester, England, I found it impossible to find a placement in Argentina that would be in the same field/industry that I wanted to work in. That was until I contacted Connect 123 who from start to finish were professional and the most friendly helpful staff ever. I was matched with an addiction service in Buenos Aries which well-matched my academic interests in drug and alcohol addictions and I was privy to other addictions which I had not been exposed to before, which I learnt a lot from. I was also co-ordinated with a Spanish school which was an amazing school with amazing friendly staff that not only organised your classes but put on activity days and evenings for us all to join in. My internship lasted for almost 2 months and South America had been a bucket list dream for as long as I can remember and Connect-123 made this possible so I have the utmost gratefulness for their constant support and help throughout my time and for making this the best work experience of my life. I lived with the most wonderful family who I will keep in touch with always, they made me feel very welcome and it was a home away from home. The social events that Connect 123 arranged every other week were always great and had something for everyone. I would also like to mention that being a vegetarian in this city was easy, which I was not expecting but most of the restaurants and café bars serve vegetarian food which was fab and helped me settle in. This had been one of my anxieties. To conclude both the internship and Spanish school facilitated me to form relationships with patients, who I have learnt valuable life lessons from and also peers who were undertaking similar interns. My experience in BA was truly amazing and one of the best decisions of my life…thank you ;)

Internships in Buenos Aires

Christina Koehler

Nursing Intern | Buenos Aires
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
23 September 2014

Draining spider bites and tango dancing—not two things that I would usually associate together. That is, not until I completed an internship through Connect-123 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I interned in a hospital for two months, and it was hands down one of the most worthwhile, exciting, and informative times of my life. My internship was not only suited to my academic interests in nursing and Spanish, but also to my personality as I was able to form relationships with both patients and doctors. I shocked myself with the realization that I want to pursue trauma nursing, a discovery that came through the hands-on work that the doctors allowed me to do. Besides the placement for my internship, Connect-123 was also helpful in helping me connect with peers. Buenos Aires is a huge city, and it can be intimidating to go in alone. Connect-123 set up both my housing and different cultural events, like tango, that allowed me to meet fellow interns that became close friends. I could write all day about the incredible experiences I had in Argentina. Many thanks to Connect-123 for providing a home away from home.  

Internships in Buenos Aires

Jeremy Druhot

Public Policy Intern | Buenos Aires
Ohio State University
17 September 2014

For two months this summer, I interned as a public policy and law researcher for a non-governmental organization that studies economic crimes – such as money laundering, drug trafficking and more. Before becoming involved with Connect-123, I very much wanted to gain work experience in this field – thanks to Connect, I now had the opportunity to do so. My time in the office was very productive – I analyzed laws and public policy surrounded certain issues and I would write reports on them (in Spanish!) to broaden the organization’s bank of research and to educate the public on the issue. I wrote two such reports for the organization, and I felt that my work was valued and worthwhile. Argentina was what I had hoped for and more. Buenos Aires is such a huge city with something for everyone – concerts, cultural events, museums, and so much more. The local cuisine is very unique, though it does lend a lot from Italian (which is not at all a bad thing!) Argentina’s pizzas, empanadas, milanesas are all to die for. In conclusion, I loved my experience in Argentina and with Connect-123. My internship was certainly the best work experience I have ever had, and Connect-123 made it happen.  

Internships in Buenos Aires

Ella Thorpe-Beeston

Classical Music Intern | Buenos Aires
University of Oxford
1 September 2014

Connect-123 could not have made it more easy to get acclimatised to life in Buenos Aires. The city is one of the most vibrant and diverse that I’ve ever been to. It’s never short of anything to do and there are countless bars and restaurants. I had plenty of time to explore the BA as well as travel outside of the capital to places including Mendoza and Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay. I lived in Recoleta in a house that is near lots of shops and restaurants and with easy access to public transport. I got on really well with all my house mates and we’re sure to keep in touch. In terms of my internship, I worked on average 6 hours a day and got a very hands-on experience. My co-workers were extremely welcoming and were keen to make my time there the most fulfilling that it could be. I now know that I definitely want to pursue a career in the field of my internship. I’m very grateful to the Connect 123 team in Buenos Aires who helped me gain the internship and made settling in Buenos Aires so easy.

Internships in Buenos Aires

Alice Runion

Economics Intern | Buenos Aires
Ball State University
11 August 2014

Studying abroad had been something I was interested in for a while, but I wasn't very excited about programs that only offered classes in other countries.  After hearing about Connect-123's internship programs, I was so excited that I would be able to have an internship position working for an organization.  I can say that, hands-down, this was the best part of studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for two months.  Between getting to explore the city and seeing the culture for myself, I also had the rewarding experience of working for an NGO that does research on economic crime in Argentina.  The internship helped me grow in my researching skills and learn how to take on a full report by myself, and I am so excited to use these skills when I return to school in the fall.  The Connect-123 program coordinators were great about making sure that everything with my position was going well without being overbearing and setting up fun activities for program participants to do.  I appreciated all of the freedom this internship provided and the experiences I had in a beautiful country.

Internships in Buenos Aires

Ashley Roig

Nursing Intern | Buenos Aires
Northeastern University
30 July 2014

Before my arrival to Buenos Aires, I was extremely nervous (anyone would be!). I spoke little Spanish and knew no one in Argentina. Upon meeting my Connect-123 advisor, all those nervous feelings melted away! She made me feel completely comfortable and told me to embrace the city. I am a fourth year nursing major in Boston so I wanted a volunteer experience that would place me back into healthcare, and she found me the perfect internships. I worked in two different hospitals, each providing a different view on healthcare. The first was a public hospital with few resources, but the nurses welcomed me and taught me everything they knew. The second hospital was also public, but resembled something from the United States! Here, it was the doctors who took me under their wing to observe surgeries, assist gynecologists, and rotate throughout the hospital. Overall, I believe my experience in Buenos Aires really opened my eyes to both the beauty of healthcare, and that of Buenos Aires’ amazing porteño culture. Not only were my healthcare skills sharpened, but I returned to the States with my Spanish much improved and waiting for my chance to go back!

Internships in Buenos Aires

Benjamin Lim

Education Intern | Buenos Aires
National University of Singapore
30 June 2014

The education internship I was assigned to involved assisting primary school students with English conversational skills and secondary school students with Biology and Environmental Management lessons. It certainly allowed me to gain insights on the Argentinian education system, at the same time picking up soft skills for me to become an effective teacher in future. This experience has helped me to realize that learning is life-long. Even after 18 years of education in school, there are still many things I can learn. Things like language, interpersonal skills, responsibility, punctuality and patience are qualities beyond school education. And these are the exact attributes that can be achieved via an overseas internship. Besides, you will also be presented with the opportunity to discover Argentina’s breathtaking landscapes. In just two short months, I’ve travelled to Tigre, Cordoba, Rosario, Andes Mountains in Mendoza, Perito Moreno Glacier in El Calafate, Ushuaia (the world’s southernmost city), Iguazu Falls and Quebrada de Humahuaca in Salta/Jujuy. Even within Buenos Aires, it is not all work and no play. I got to attend a football match at the River Plate stadium and witnessed for myself the ecstatic atmosphere of Argentinian football. The food (especially meat!) is so delicious that I was always craving for more. Social events are also organized periodically for Connect-123 participants to touch base with one another. Add that to the amazing people you meet throughout the course of your internship, I can assure you there will be no lack of friends to interact with! That being said, it wasn’t a smooth journey throughout, otherwise I wouldn’t have benefitted like how I actually did. The biggest challenge I overcame was the language barrier. I was bold enough to arrive in Argentina with absolutely zero Spanish background. At times, it was a struggle to even get by. Nevertheless, I took 2 weeks of lessons and displayed the determination to learn. Thankfully, the teachers showed patience and the students were more than eager to teach me Spanish vocabulary. Everyone really does appreciate the fact that you are attempting to speak Spanish. By the last day, I even managed to craft and read out my farewell message entirely in Spanish! I would strongly recommend this internship to anyone who is keen to step out of his/her comfort zone. Anyone who is adventurous and willing to try new things, things that you never imagined you will accomplish. Anyone who is keen to develop relationships you would never have ever envisioned. Anyone who wants to embark on a journey of self-discovery. Lastly, anyone who wishes to have the time of their lives.  

Internships in Buenos Aires

Sara Gold

Human Rights Intern | Buenos Aires
McGill University
15 June 2014

When I started university, I knew that I wanted to spend one semester abroad. I completed an internship in Buenos Aires, Argentina with Connect 123 this February-June so as to take a productive break from my studies and to truly think about what direction I was headed in. I chose Buenos Aires to improve my Spanish, experience living abroad and for its fascinating history amongst many more reasons. I knew that with my International Development Major and Women’s Studies Minor, work experience before graduation was necessary and that Argentina had a long and interesting past and current history in relation to women’s rights. I interned at two NGO’s. One dealt primarily with issues affecting women and children with HIV/AIDS. My responsibilities included looking for funding, compiling a master list with the funder’s requirements, explaining the grants and sending them to the organization as well as translation/revision of their entire website, many grant proposals, budgets and official e-mails. At this NGO, I learnt a lot about non-profit work in Argentina, the inner-workings of the United Nations, marketing, grant-writing, budget creation and translation. My supervisors were clear about their expectations and made feasible, yet ambitious goals. The second organization was a feminist non-profit that dealt with women’s rights in the context of domestic or any type of violence. I was more independent at this internship and initiated my own project, which was the creation of a blog for the organization. I also assisted them with a little bit of translation and writing up material/designing a program for workshops they held later in the year. When the workshops started, I assisted them in preparing and hosting their events. In both of my internships, I learnt greatly about women’s rights in Argentina, the inner-workings of NGOs and the impact both groups are making domestically and internationally. My level of Spanish also went from barely speaking to conversational fluent in a matter of months. My greatest challenges were of course, first, adjusting to the language switch and to a different working culture. In my free time, I met up with friends, attended Connect-123 or other events, explored the city and travelled to places all over South America and Argentina like Peru, Chile, Patagonia, Mendoza, Brazil and Uruguay. Buenos Aires is really the gateway to many exciting destinations over the continent and there are definitely ways to travel affordably. I made many incredible friends and took time to really enjoy and explore the city. I took the time to appreciate and think, which is something we all forget to do when we’re caught up with life. I loved everything about Argentina; the people, the food, the expressions, the places, the city, the music, the literature, my apartment, the nature, the culture, the language and more. Thank you to Paula and Katie from Connect-123 for warmly welcoming me to B.A. and helping me make the best of what the city had to offer. Taking a semester to do my internship and travel truly helped me confirm my career plans and take the time to consolidate my skills. I would highly suggest for anyone to get out of their comfort zone and pursue international opportunities like this one, so as to learn, be taught, share, travel and experience.

Internships in Buenos Aires

Roberto Espana

Health Care Intern | internships in buenos aires
Northeastern University
1 April 2014

Where do I even begin? Connect-123 truly gave me the opportunity of a lifetime. I was down in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for three months working in the mental health unit of a local hospital. To be honest, it was not love at first sight – I really had to let the hospital, the patients, and the culture, all grow on me. My time in Buenos Aires gave me a clearer perspective of the direction I wanted to take my life in. I gained an incredible amount of experience and knowledge in a relatively short amount of time, something I do not think I could have done back home. Working in the hospital provided me with invaluable clinical experience that will absolutely help me in the future as I continue to build my career. The doctors I met and the bonds I created were remarkable, and I honestly cannot wait to apply what I learned in BA back in the states. Living in Buenos Aires really changed me as a person. I met so many people, created such strong friendships, and go to know myself on a deeper level. Sometimes when you are stuck in the mundane routine of your life you lose exactly that – life. But when you are in a different country trying out new things and building professional experience you are overcome with energy and a renewed sense of purpose. You stop to admire the parks within the city, you take a thirty minute bus ride to the café that caught your eye, you read and write things you did not know you were capable of. I even got to travel to Iguazu Falls and Patagonia during my time there! Although it was only three months, this experience was life-changing and definitely something I would do again in a heartbeat. If you have the opportunity to participate in this program, do it. Whatever is holding you back and making you question it, throw it away and do it. You will be happy you did.

Manny Tulumaris

Finance Intern | Buenos Aires
George Washington University Graduate
27 January 2014

My several months in Buenos Aires, Argentina were an incredible experience that allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. As a recent college graduate with a degree in Finance and Spanish, this was a perfect opportunity that allowed me to transition into life after graduation. As a former Division I athlete, spending a semester abroad was never an option, but I was convinced it was something I needed to do. Fortunately, my work abroad experience turned out to be even more rewarding that a semester abroad could have been. Using Connect-123's impressive professional network I was able to find the perfect internship experience working at a brand new venture capital fund under the guidance of an experienced entrepreneur. The work I did was highly rewarding and absolutely fascinating as I was able to meet countless ambitious entrepreneurs and analyze close to a dozen radically different companies. This has carried over seamlessly back into the US, as I have received some great attention from prospective employers as a result of this experience. Living in Buenos Aires also enabled me to experience the incredible porteño culture, gain a high level of Spanish fluency and forge several strong friendships. I was also able to take several weekend trips to world-famous destinations such as Mendoza, Iguazú Falls, and Punta del Este. I experienced so much in less than four months, that I feel as if I gained at least a year of valuable life experience. I owe a great deal of thanks to the Connect-123 staff for making this all possible!

Internships in Buenos Aires

Juliana Torrens

Health Care Intern | Buenos Aires
University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras
26 December 2013

After I graduated from college I decided to take a year to acquire more experience on the medical field before applying to medical school. Doing an internship with Connect-123 was an amazing opportunity for my personal and professional growth. I had the opportunity to work in a public hospital with a group of Oncologists in Buenos Aires, Argentina. During my time there, I was under the wing of a great group of doctors that taught me everything I needed to know in order to succeed in the medical field. With this experience I was able to learn more about the oncology field, work ethics and the doctor-patient relationship. Some days when I wasn’t at the hospital, I worked on a clinical research for a new drug for metastatic breast cancer patients. I’m so thankful to everyone that made this one of the best experiences of my life. First of all, the Connect-123 team in Buenos Aires is amazing! Paula and Katie were always very helpful and supportive in every way. I also made tons of new friends from all over the world, many of which I’m still in touch with. If you are looking for the experience of your life, don’t hesitate to contact Connect-123!

Internships in Buenos Aires

Gary & Pat Chin

Parents of Architecture Intern | Buenos Aires
West Chester, Pennsylvania
15 November 2013

When our daughter, Tracy, made the decision to travel abroad to South America to work and reside there for three months we were very concerned. She did not have a place to live or any idea of job prospects. As a parent, our first reaction was to try and dissuade her from going. After she found Connect-123 online purely by chance, everything fell into place. Paula Carrettoni of Connect-123 was instrumental in finding her an internship in her field and securing a safe place for her to live. She made sure that all the legalities were taken care of prior to her entering the country. Details such as the reciprocity fee and other matters that she would not have been aware of if Paula was not on top of these important details. It was at this point that we began to relax and could embrace and support her decision to make the trip. We had the opportunity to join Tracy during her stay in Buenos Aires and witnessed first hand the major role Connect-123 played in the success of her trip to South America. We had the pleasure of meeting Paula and being able to thank her in person for being there 24/7 for our daughter. Connect 123 went above and beyond on many levels and we would highly recommend them to any parent whose child has the desire to travel abroad. Thank you so much Paula and the Connect 123 team!  

Internships in Buenos Aires

Emma-Louise Wagstaff

Youth Development / Sports Intern | Buenos Aires
University of East Anglia
14 November 2013

As a student of languages at my home university in the UK, I decided to spend 5 months of my year abroad in one of the most incredible cities in South America. My time in Buenos Aires is one that I will never forget and neither will I forget the friends I was able to make out there, too. I undertook two internships out in Buenos Aires; for two months I worked as a camp councillor for a summer camp and for 3 months I was privileged to work at a primary/secondary school as a sports coach. My internships were amazing, and I can not thank the Connect-123 staff enough for finding them for me. My colleagues at the school became my friends and I still get to keep in touch with them today. The only time I felt like I would cry out there, was when I had to leave. My last day at my school was the worst day ever. Not because I didn't enjoy myself, but because I was going to miss everyone of those children that I was able to see and bond with everyday. Even though the Spanish was not the European Spanish that I was used to, it definitely helped develop my Spanish and prepare me for my final year at University. The guidance and help I received during my time in Buenos Aires truly helped me to make the city feel like my home. Connect-123 also helped me to meet an array of genuinely amazing friends that have now become my family across the pond. If, like me, you are from Europe and are considering trying something different from the Erasmus programme on your year abroad, I would highly suggest the Connect-123 programme in Buenos Aires. The flight may be 15 hours long, but once you're there, you'll never want to leave.

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