Brianne Heney

Nursing Intern | Cape Town
Northeastern University
17 August 2017

Being in Cape Town, South Africa as a part of Connect-123 was by far the best 4 months of my life thus far. I was fortunate enough to be able to split my time between two pediatric care facilities. The two hospitals were incredibly different, and allowed me to gain a broad understanding of Cape Town’s health care system. I had the opportunity to observe surgeries, cast a clubbed foot, join the doctors and nurses on ward rounds, assist with the placement of feeding tubes, and provide compassionate, comprehensive care to sick children. Outside of my internship, I had plenty of time to explore the beauty that is South Africa. Our weekends were spent hiking, going to the beach, touring vineyards, sand boarding, sky diving, shark cage diving, going on safari, touring the Garden Route, eating at phenomenal restaurants, and visiting incredible markets. Our program coordinators were available to help us plan excursions, ask questions, or to just say hi! They are always willing to listen and were extremely resourceful with any question brought to their attention. I still cannot believe that I was lucky enough to call Cape Town my home for 4 months. The friendships and memories I made here are some that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I cannot think of a better place for an internship and am already looking forward to the day when I can make it back to visit!

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Braden B

Medical and Health Care Intern | Cape Town
Ohio University
22 August 2022

As a first-year medical student, I was searching for a summer experience that would both enhance my education and challenge me to step outside my comfort zone. Because of Cape Town’s unique socioeconomic, cultural, and medical landscape, it was the perfect setting for these two things to be accomplished. My group and I spent nearly a month shadowing healthcare workers both in a public hospital setting and at a home...

Cami S

Medical and Health Care Intern | Cape Town
Ohio University
22 August 2022

I am a second-year medical student who is not sure what specialty I will end up practicing in, but I know that I want to serve every patient with the best medical care fitted for their personal needs. Going on this trip to Cape Town, South Africa, with Connect-123 allowed me to gain so much experience not only in the medical sense but also when it comes to socioeconomic factors...

Hailee Morisseau

Kinesiology Intern | Cape Town
Lakehead University
2 March 2020

My time in Cape Town was truly memorable. I had the opportunity to complete an observership/internship at the hospital where I was able to learn from the Department of Neurosurgery. My healthcare experience was a well-rounded one as I also had the opportunity to observe other scopes of practice, such as anesthesia, child life, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physiotherapy. Not only was I able to observe surgeries, clinics, and...

Rikke Bangsborg

Healthcare Intern | Buenos Aires
Københavns Professionshøjskole
23 April 2019

During my internship in Buenos Aires, I learned a lot about myself and my professional interests. I met great friends from all over the world and was able to travel further to Uruguay and Brazil. However, the most important aspect I take away from this internship is valuable knowledge for my potential future career interest. I have been exposed to an environment and culture far from what I know, and...

Sarah Rost

Medical and Public Health Intern | Cape Town
Carleton College
1 August 2018

My medical and public health internship in Cape Town and my work in palliative care at a public hospital taught me to live life to fullest and take advantage of every opportunity available to me. Through this experience, I discovered both my love of traveling and healthcare. Working in palliative care taught me the importance of human interaction in medicine, and for that, I will always be grateful to my...

Austin Neal

Physical Rehabilitation Intern | Cape Town
Ball State University
31 July 2024

My medical internship in Cape Town in physical rehabilitation helped open my eyes to different cultures, ways of living, the struggles that people go through, and how resilient people are. The best way to learn is via experience, and that is exactly what I got. At the hospital, I was able to learn the sorts of things you aren’t taught in books. I observed therapy sessions and I got to...

Hana Petker

Medical and Public Health Intern | Cape Town
Michigan State University
14 June 2018

Connect-123 facilitated the most memorable internship experience in Cape Town, South Africa for me. I got to experience aspects of traditional culture and food through various activities organized by Connect-123. I ate local cuisine at authentic African restaurants, I visited local craft markets and enjoyed a wonderful wine tour of the renowned Cape Winelands. I fell in love with Cape Town's breathtaking scenery and got to appreciate its beautiful landscape...

Nikki Jamieson

Medical and Healthcare intern | Cape Town
University of Texas at Austin
8 June 2018

My experience in Cape Town completely surpassed my expectations. I was excited to experience a summer immersed in a culture so different from my own, but I was not exactly sure what life in my internship and outside of it would entail. Other Connectors and I spent time hiking the famous trails of the city, exploring the different areas and beach towns, and immersing ourselves in South African culture. My...

Joshua Dowds

Healthcare Intern | Cape Town
Lees-McRae College
27 September 2017

My internship and overall experience working at a leading hospital in Cape Town has left me with memories and friends that I will have for a lifetime. I came into the internship on the fence of what I wanted to pursue career-wise and with little medical experience. After working with the doctors at the hospital I can honestly say I left knowing what I wanted to spend the rest of...

Treasure Inyang

Medical Intern | Cape Town
King's College London
11 September 2017

For 2 months, I had the wonderful experience of working in a day hospital in Cape Town. The staff at the hospital were very welcoming and accommodating to any of our needs. They really included us in the day to day running of the hospital and I’m happy that I was able to contribute in the little way I could. It was a very hands on internship and I was...

Brielle Johnson

Nursing Intern | Cape Town
Northeastern University
29 August 2017

Interning at an orthopedic hospital in Cape Town was one of the most rewarding and amazing experiences of my life so far. As a nursing student, it provided me with a deeper understanding of the culture and healthcare system in South Africa, and at the same time I could explore my passion for pediatric nursing. The nurses and doctors alike were all extremely kind and helpful, and allowed you to...

Sophia Busacca

Nursing Intern | Cape Town
University of Pennsylvania
11 August 2017

Connect-123 was very well organized and extremely helpful. They helped me find a nursing related internship and organized my living arrangements. As a nursing student the internship was exceptional! I had a great experience shadowing doctors and nurses and learning from them. I was able to see a wide variety of patients and understand their needs clinically and emotionally. It was interesting to compare the needs of different patients. I was able to work on...

Julianna Choi

Nursing Intern | Cape Town
University of Pennsylvania
11 August 2017

I had an incredible experience as a Connect-123 intern. My internship pushed me as a nursing student and provided opportunities that were unique and specific to my interest in Midwifery. After one month working in a township clinic, I helped deliver over twenty babies. Outside of work, I loved my time living in Cape Town. I met some amazing people, visited the safari and wine country, hiked mountains, browsed markets...

Mackenzie Jones

Healthcare Intern | Cape Town
King's College London
11 August 2017

I interned for 2 months at a children's hospital in Cape Town. To summarise such an incredible and action-packed experience is a challenge with so many highlights to pin-point. From the beautiful mountainous views and sights of South Africa to the adorable little faces at the hospital, every moment has left a great impact on my life. Interning with Connect-123 was such a safe-place for me. Any fears I had...

James Bradley Minton

Healthcare Intern | Cape Town
Brigham Young University
10 August 2017

My time as an intern with Connect-123 was an experience that helped give me experiences and skills that will be extremely useful for my future employment. Every day there were many opportunities to learn something new, and the work was so much fun. The people who I interacted with; other interns, Connect-123 employees, drivers, and supervisors at work were very influential, helpful, and became friends. The logistics involved in traveling...

Allen Hu

Healthcare Intern | Cape Town
University of Pittsburgh
4 August 2017

The month I spent in Cape Town really was the time of my life. The city and the surrounding environment was absolutely beautiful, the food was delicious (also cheap), and the South African people were so kind and friendly! I woke up every day excited to explore the city and learn something new about South Africa's history and culture. In addition, my internship was so eye-opening, because I got to...

Drew Peth

Healthcare Intern | Cape Town
Ohio University
3 August 2017

It’s amazing what can happen in just a short month, and it would not have been possible without Connect-123. This became evident from our very first meeting, and I knew I had made the best decision to spend my summer with them. Their grasp on Cape Town life and connections around the city are unparalleled. We were connected with some of the best doctors and mentors in Cape Town. Rotating...

Cassidy Lawrence

Healthcare Intern | Cape Town
Ohio University
28 July 2017

From before we even arrived in Cape Town up until we left for the journey home, the Connect-123 staff was extremely accommodating, supportive, and communicable. I am sure that without the hard working and knowledgeable staff we would not have had even half the experience during our month in Cape Town. They planned many excursions for us, taking a huge burden off us by contacting companies and setting up transportation...

Kimberly Cohen

Nursing Intern | Cape Town
Northeastern University
2 June 2017

My experience with Connect-123 in Cape Town, South Africa has been one of the most valuable takeaways of my education. I was given the opportunity to split my time between two separate pediatric hospitals; an orthopedic, public hospital and an intermediate, public care facility. This pairing of independent care providers allowed me to get a broad understanding of the healthcare system in South Africa. I learned to be resourceful while...

Katherine Thomas

Nursing Intern | Cape Town
Northeastern University
8 May 2017

My experience with Connect-123 in Cape Town was amazing. I spent the best four months of my life in this city meeting the most wonderful people, eating and drinking at the most fantastic restaurants and bars, exploring countless activities in and outside the city, and learning at two exceptional hospitals. As a nursing student, I was able to gain new nursing skills, shadow during surgeries, participate in ward rounds, help...

Diya Khullar

Healthcare Intern | Cape Town
Northeastern University
27 March 2017

My stay in Cape Town with Connect-123 was truly priceless. I entered with overwhelming anticipation and left with unimaginable clinical experience, bucket-list attractions checked off my list, and lifelong friends. Being a pre-med student did not pose an issue for me at the hospital as the surgeons and other interns were constantly encouraging questions and eager to teach. Not only did I get the opportunity to shadow cardiothoracics, I also...

Naledi Makhene

Public Health Intern | Cape Town
Michigan State University
3 March 2017

I had an amazing time in Cape Town! My family is South African, so I’ve been to Cape Town before and was unsure if I wanted to go back there or experience a different city for my internship. I’m so happy that I decided to return, because I got to experience Cape Town in a different way. It is such a beautiful city that is rich in culture with lots...

Grace Severance

Healthcare Intern | Cape Town
Northeastern University
21 February 2017

I spent 3 months of the fall semester of my senior year of university working as an intern in a surgical unit at a hospital in Cape Town, South Africa. Working with both the surgeons and registrars was a unique experience - I got to observe how the medical staff diagnosed, treated, and cared for patient on a daily basis. My relationship with the physicians was friendly and professional, and...

Kaleigh Keown

Nursing Intern | Cape Town
Catholic University of Leuven
17 February 2017

The five weeks I spent in Cape Town, South Africa, were five weeks I will never forget. Although I was over 7,000 miles away from a single person I knew, I felt completely prepared thanks to Connect-123. I began my internship at a hospital in the city and when that experience did not exactly go as planned, Connect-123 was quick to change my setting and give me the most out...

Isaac Rooney

Healthcare Intern | Cape Town
University of Vermont
15 February 2017

Cape Town gave me without a doubt, the most educational, eye-opening, and exploration-filled two months of my life. The experience my internship gave me was unlike any I could’ve imagined. Working in a hospital in South Africa exposed me to more than I ever could have been exposed to in the U.S. and has given me both a unique and favorable addition to my resume. Since getting home, I’ve been...

Samantha Telgkamp

Child Life Intern | Cape Town
Ohio University
16 November 2016

While in class studying to become a child life specialist, I am taught over and over that play is the universal language of childhood. It was not until I immersed myself in a whole new culture across the world, when I realized the truth to this statement. Having the opportunity to work with so many different children, in all sorts of settings, speaking many of the different languages native to...

Kristine Wright

Nursing Intern | Cape Town
Palm Beach State College
25 October 2016

During my time in Cape Town I was based in a fantastic government hospital and got to work with some incredible doctors and nurses. I observed open heart surgeries, organ donation surgeries and transplants. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring Cape Town and Langebaan in particular was awesome! I took a kite boarding course and spent most of my free time surfing and kite boarding! I found Cape Town to be very...

Carly Henderson

Health Care Intern | Cape Town
Durham University, UK
24 August 2016

My internship in Cape Town was an unforgettable experience. Connect-123 did a great job of matching me to an internship which suited my skills and interests which helped me slot in straight away with my co-workers. I attended weekly antibiotic stewardship ward rounds in adult burns, medical and surgical ICU and also paediatric ICU and had a number of projects to work on keeping me busy during my internship. The...

Lucy Morton

Medical Research Intern | Cape Town
University of Manchester, UK
19 August 2016

It’s difficult to sum up my two month experience in Cape Town without using the typical words amazing and unforgettable. Seriously, Cape Town is a beauty! As part of my 3 year scientist training programme in the UK, I was required to undertake a placement within a different field of healthcare in order to gain experience in a new environment. I love travelling and living abroad, and have always wanted...

Maureen Carney

Health Care Intern | Cape Town
Ohio University
15 August 2016

My time in Cape Town, South Africa was absolutely indescribable. From the incredible people we met, to the breathtaking view of the mountain we woke up to every morning, Cape Town showed us its many treasures we were so fortunate to experience. The Connect-123 program allowed us to further these experiences through the support and guidance they dedicated to us throughout our time there. We were able to maintain a...

Christine De'Antonis

Health Care Intern | Cape Town
Northeastern University
7 June 2016

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience during my four months in Cape Town. I gained professional experience through my internship at the Groote Schuur Hospital as well as increased cultural awareness through my everyday social encounters. I had a lot of fun both during my job, interacting with patients and coworkers, and outside of work exploring the city and South Africa as a whole. I gained a well-rounded...

Kristen Nuttall

Health Care Intern | Cape Town
Northeastern University
30 November 2015

My internship experience in Cape Town was the best five months of my life. As a nursing student, I worked in a pediatric orthopedic hospital and learned more than I thought possible. I was able to work with the children and learn nursing skills in the wards. Additionally, I went on ward rounds with doctors, participated in a club foot clinic, and worked in surgery two days a week. The...

Kendall Donohoe

Health Care Intern | Cape Town
Northeastern University
1 September 2015

I had an incredible time in Cape Town for the past few months and I'm so glad I decided to come! My internship at a hospital's cardiothoracics ward was a mixture of research and clinical work. During the morning rounds I was able to listen to and ask questions about the decisions being made, and I was responsible for ordering the diagnostic tests and scans the doctors requested during rounds....

Katie Boehm

Health Care Intern | Cape Town
California Polytechnic State University
5 February 2015

The experience I had in Cape Town was an amazing one, both from an internship point of view as well as living in this exciting city. I did the 4 week Clinical Internship at Victoria Hospital. The hospital patient base tends to be people from people on the lower end of the socioeconomic scale so you get to see a wide variety of cases that you would not necessarily be...

Tanya Nanthakumar

Health Care Intern | Cape Town
University of Toronto
18 September 2014

Deciding to travel to Cape Town was a big step for me. I’ve travelled before, but there was always someone on the other end to receive me and show me around. Connect123 and the lovely ladies in Cape Town made sure that my stay was safe, fun and memorable. My 4-week internship at a secondary hospital was completely eye opening. Learning how the health care system in Cape Town worked...

Katie Sumpter

Health Care Intern | Cape Town
University of Iowa
18 September 2014

My experience in Cape Town is something I would never trade. I had a better time there than I could have imagined. I was able to work side by side with doctors who were very willing to teach me anything and everything. There was a lot of medical students as well, which just showed how great a teaching environment the hospital had. There was some great hands on experience as...

Laurie Green

Public Health Intern | Cape Town
University of British Columbia
26 August 2014

I came to Cape Town in order to accompany my husband on a medical residency elective, and chose Connect-123 in large part because - being a large organization - they seemed well-resourced, and very experienced in placing visiting students. I wasn't sure whether my one-month opportunity would be as fruitful as my husband's, but was pleasantly surprised at how much I was taught. During my placement, he and I were...

Brooke Axness

Health Care Intern | Cape Town
University of Iowa
11 August 2014

Spending my summer in Cape Town was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. I remember looking into programs for months, trying to decide where to go and what program to go through. With so many options out there it was pure luck that I came across Connect-123’s internships in Cape Town. As a Biology major, I was looking for something healthcare-related to gain experience in. My internship...

Antonina Hassouni

Medical Intern | Cape Town
University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
31 August 2011

I was part of the Connect-123 program in Cape Town for two months where I was an intern at a children’s hospital. The experience I had - I unfortunately cannot describe in words since that would not suffice. Firstly, the organization of the program was flawless – I felt at ease all the time because I knew that any little problem I may have, one of the Connect-123 representatives would...

Greg Goldstein

Medical Intern | Cape Town
Dartmouth University
8 February 2011

I can honestly say that I could not possibly have hoped for a better internship experience than the one I got in Cape Town with Connect-123. Volunteering, especially internationally, is always a scary experience. You never know exactly what to expect but Connect-123 was there for me every step of the way. Even before I left the States they were there to help me with everything: from my initial internship...

Amy Caporello

Nursing Intern | Cape Town
Northeastern University
14 December 2010

Working at a Salvation Army hospital in Cape Town was an amazing experience! From the minute I walked onto the floors of the hospital, I felt welcomed and trusted. As a nursing student I was able to work alongside staff and be a part of the team caring for a variety of patients in rehabilitation. I learned about the differences in international healthcare and also spent a lot of time...

Annie Berger

Medical Internship | Cape Town
Gustavus Adolphus College, Graduate
7 December 2010

My first day at a leading children’s hospital in Cape Town marked the true beginning of my push towards a career in medicine. While I already had a bachelor’s degree under my belt and had been accepted to a Physician Assistant program back home, I lacked the experience that was necessary to succeed in the healthcare field. When I stepped into the operating theatre on my first day, the attending...

Tyler Maiers

Medical Internship | Cape Town
Iowa State University
2 December 2010

My summer medical internship at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital was simply amazing.  With the help of Gabby, a very helpful member of the Connect-123 staff, I was able to find an internship as part of the largest tuberculosis diagnostic study ever conducted.  Workdays typically involved seeing patients alongside my supervisor and aiding with the collection of sputum and blood samples from patients that were suspected of having tuberculosis.  I...

Justin Baum

Medical Intern | Cape Town
University of Cincinnati
23 September 2010

My experience in Cape Town over the past summer was my most enjoyable and fulfilling summer vacation I ever had. I was excited that I was given the opportunity to volunteer abroad and pleased with how much I learned. I took a job at a children’s hospital that involved spending time with the patients in order to make their stays more enjoyable. Although any stay at any hospital for whatever...

Prabhat Dhar

Medical Intern | Cape Town
Boston University
13 September 2010

As far back as I can remember, I knew I wanted to go to South Africa and the wondrous city of Cape Town. Being close to wrapping up my undergraduate college career, I felt it would be a great place to spend some time during my summer/their winter before I decided upon my next steps. For this reason, I ultimately landed upon interning through Connect-123 for three months and can...

Leah Casanave

Public Health Intern | Cape Town
University of Kentucky, College of Public Health
3 September 2010

I am currently a doctoral student in public health and had just finished my Masters when I headed to Cape Town. The summer I was in Cape Town was probably the best two months of my life. Connect-123 set up a wonderful internship that allowed me to work on items that I was interested in. I worked for a research council that is currently surveying 12,200 babies and testing them...

Kristin Bonello

Medical Intern | Cape Town
Dartmouth College
31 August 2010

Cape Town is one of my favorite places I have ever visited, and not just because of the beautiful scenery or the breadth of outdoor activities. The people in the city are some of the most friendly, welcoming men and women I have ever encountered. The South African culture is vastly different from any I have ever experienced, but in a truly eye-opening way. But what really made my experience...

Laura Socha

Nursing Intern | Cape Town
Northeastern University
24 August 2010

Volunteering in Cape Town was probably the best experience I have ever had. My internship was at a small rehab hospital dedicated to the poor population. The people I worked with were amazing, friendly, and took me in with open arms. By working closely with the nurses, and showing my interest, I was able to function as a nurse myself. My hospital did everything to help me have a good...

Cara Magarian

Medical Intern | Cape Town
American University of Antigua
3 August 2010

For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to become a physician. Throughout my years in college I dedicated a huge amount of time to volunteering at different health facilities and this was very rewarding for me. I’ve spent years preparing for medical school and before heading on this long journey, I wanted to make good use of my time and venture off to Cape Town, South Africa....

Chris Androski

Physical Therapy Volunteer | Cape Town
Northeastern University
7 July 2010

My experience in South Africa was truly amazing. The country was beautiful and my internship was awesome. I actually had an internship where I felt that I was truly making a difference. The people at Connect-123 were extremely helpful and made sure we were comfortable with both our living accommodations and volunteer experience. The best part about the entire trip was the people I met, both native South Africans and...

Michelle Eichhorst

Public Health Intern | Cape Town
Michigan State University
9 June 2010

The three months I spent in Cape Town were some of the most rewarding of my life!  I interned with a child accident prevention organization.  There, I was able to research children’s safety and help conduct community workshops.   Not only did this internship fulfill my university requirements, but it gave me valuable real-life experience.  My co-workers were welcoming and eager to share all that South Africa had to offer....

Mischelle Nelson

Public Health Intern | Cape Town
Michigan State University
21 May 2010

The time I spent in Cape Town was invaluable. Connect-123 offered the perfect amount of structure, from going on excursions to planning group social events. But at the same time I had the opportunity to explore the city for myself. I worked at an HIV mobile clinic that services greater Cape Town. It was an amazing experience that allowed me to interact with people from all walks of life; from...

Annie Berger

Medical Intern | Cape Town
Gustavus Adolphus College
27 January 2010

My four months in Cape Town were best described as an incredible learning experience. I learned so much about myself and the world around me – especially through my internship experience. When my initial internship assignment turned out to be something different than what I expected, Gabby and the Connect-123 staff took immediate action to find something for me that fit my personal and professional needs. Within two days, I...

Broghan Cully

Biomedical Engineering Intern | Cape Town
Dartmouth College
9 December 2009

The past 3 months I spent in Cape Town were nothing short of amazing. Connect-123 not only set me up with a biomedical engineering internship and great housing, but also provided me with weekly optional activities such as wine tasting, hiking, and African drumming lessons. Every week was a new adventure because Cape Town and its surroundings have so much to offer. Also, the weather was perfect, the people were...

Samu Pelkonen

Medical Intern | Cape Town
University of Helsinki
17 November 2009

In January, my friends and schoolmates started looking for their regular summer jobs whereas I started thinking outside the box, stumbled upon this website and applied for a medical internship in Cape Town. The whole application process was smooth sailing; I got the type of an internship I wanted most, when I wanted it and over 10,000 kilometres away from home. I knew I was in for a real view-expander....

Lauren Day

Medical Intern | Cape Town
College of St. Benedict
2 October 2009

Connect-123 was the perfect organization to go through for a summer internship.  From the start, Steven, Lea and Gabby were very prompt in answering all my questions and were extremely helpful throughout my entire internship.  My placement was doing research at a children’s hospital, and it was an amazing experience.  I got to work on various research projects, scrub in to numerous surgeries and build relationships with the staff and...

Chris Troeger

Public Health Internship | Cape Town
University of Colorado
21 May 2009

A few weeks after I returned from Cape Town, where I was an intern at an HIV/AIDS prevention organization where I taught high school students about HIV, one of my friends, who was radiant with jealousy, asked me if I had any advice for someone who wanted to go to Cape Town. Without hesitation, my advice, in a single word, was, “Go!” Cape Town is a unique city, alive with...

Julie Ellsworth

Medical Internship | Cape Town
University of New Brunswick
9 February 2009

Connect-123 is an amazing organization that made my time in Cape Town unforgettable. Steven and Lea were so prompt with my initial application and answering any questions I had, no matter how minor. They helped me find the perfect placement at a local hospital volunteering with children as well as participating in various research projects. Not only was the volunteering aspect of the program well organized and worthwhile, Connect-123 also...

Dora de Kenessey

Chapman Medical Internship | Cape Town
Yale University
16 August 2008

Connect-123 was the absolutely ideal organization to go through for the summer! They set me up with a fantastic internship at a hospital, which was exactly what I was looking for, and provided a beautiful apartment as well. From there, we were all given complete independence, though you always knew that Steven, Lea and Melanie were right there in case you ever needed anything. They also organized great expeditions and...

Claire Kinnison

Medical Internship | Cape Town
Smith College
24 August 2007

My internship at the hospital was extremely rewarding. The doctors with whom I worked were wonderful and very willing to teach and explain abstract ideas. During surgeries, the doctors made sure I understood their procedures and they explained the most effective techniques. My research was also quite rewarding. I interviewed patients’ families and interacted with the children at the hospital. This allowed me to see firsthand the extreme bravery with...

Jared Brown

Medical Volunteer | Cape Town
University of North Carolina
1 August 2007

I had always wanted to visit South Africa and found that Connect-123 was the most impressive group out there. My expectations were far exceeded throughout my interaction with Steven and the gang. Not only did Steven call me almost immediately after my application, but he quickly replied to all questions I had in my preparations for my trip. From picking me up from the airport, to ensuring that my work...

Kelly Neel

Medical Internship | Cape Town
McDaniel College
31 July 2007

I honestly don’t know where to begin. If I tried to say all the amazing things I gained throughout my experience with Connect-123, I’d end up with a novel the size of the latest Harry Potter. One thing I had asked Steven was “How did I stumble across this program while surfing the internet, and have it COMPLETELY change my life?” Not only did I gain experience from working in...

Elizabeth Boyer

Physical Therapy Volunteer | Cape Town
Franklin & Marshall College
23 May 2007

I had the time of my life in Cape Town. My internship was exactly what I was looking for, and helped me make some major decisions concerning the career that I would like to pursue. I was able to meet South African students and get to know more about their culture. Everyone was so welcoming and interested in helping me learn more about them. Lea and Steven are amazing. Their...

Kelsey Puuri

Medical Volunteer | Cape Town
Grand Valley State University
4 April 2007

My internship has been great! I have a nice variety of things to do at the hospital. I’ve been able to care for children, observe surgeries, and shadow some very interesting hospital personnel. I’d say the internship has more than met my expectations! The housing is also great, in a good location in the center of the city, with lots of things in the surrounding area to always keep us...

Jon Duplisea

Medical Internship | Cape Town
Dalhousie University
20 December 2006

My internship with Connect-123 was a phenomenal experience, one that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Every morning I woke up excited to see the children at the hospital. The staff were extremely helpful and took me in as one of their own. While interning in South Africa I had the opportunity to observe many surgical procedures and conduct research within the Department of Surgery. The...

Emily Hughes

Medical Internship | Cape Town
Georgetown University
29 August 2006

From the indescribable poverty of the townships to the gorgeous, breathtaking landscapes of the wine lands and coast, the amazing thing about Cape Town is that it is such a land of extremes. Fortunately I was able to see both extremes as Connect-123 was great at organizing trips to venture beyond the city and my internship granted me access to the clinics in the townships. My internship in the clinic,...

Brett Abrams

Medical Internship | Cape Town
Northwestern University
13 August 2006

The hospital was a great place, and I got a good general feel for the way it operates. Connect-123’s social events have also been great. It was extremely nice to have social events that allowed me to get to know the group better and become a part of team Connect! I wish I could extend my internship for another 8 weeks!

Sarah Wilson

Nutrition Internship | Cape Town
University of Wisconsin
31 July 2006

My internship was perfect. Connect-123 understood what I wanted and made it happen! They were also very hands-on, took care of all the details, and gave me everything I needed to make the most of my time in Cape Town. I met such wonderful people and learned so much at my internship that my only regret is not staying longer.
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